SM57 - Dynamic Instrument Microphone
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Dynamic Instrument Microphone

A snare crack. An arpeggiated chord. A powerful saxophone solo. Whether on stage or in the studio, the notes that flow from your instrument connects your audience on a visceral level. And such sounds need a mic that can handle its strength. For every acoustic condition, the SM57 delivers the power of your playing to every fan in the house.

How It Works

More than able to reproduce tone, the SM57 is also uniquely designed to deal with high-pressure sound that explodes from instruments and amplifiers.  So you can turn up without distortion drowning out the show.  Your music deserves all the loud it can get.

Why It's Better

Made for the stage

The contoured frequency response makes it simple to engineer clean audio.

Handles the pressure

Hard knocks are just part of the show sometimes, and the SM57 is built to take them on. A hit from a high kick or a flying drumstick can’t shut it down.

Only the loud you want

With a uniform cardioid pattern and a pneumatic shock mount system, you get a whole lot of tone without the background noise.

Product Details

  • 1 - A25D Swivel Stand Adapter
  • 1 - 95A2313 Storage Bag

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