A81WS - Large Foam Microphone Windscreen


Large Foam Microphone Windscreen

Large foam microphone windscreen reduces unwanted breath and wind noise while using Shure end address microphones, including the SM81 and SM57 microphones.



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Larger Windscreen for KSM141 and KSM137
February 22, 2018

Yes, the A81WS windscreen. ...

A81WS storage
October 16, 2017

The A81ES will become mis-shapen, over time, if "squashed." The foam structure is open-cell and this type is more susceptible to permanent ...

Miking a bell tower or carillon
August 31, 2017

The Shure model SM63.  The SM63 is a dynamic microphone and can handle the high sound pressure levels (at one meter, typically greater than 110 d ...

Reduction of wind noise and popping
August 29, 2017

A microphone responds to the movement of air and it does not care what caused the air to move.  This means that a mic cannot distinguish bet ...

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