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Extraordinary products require extraordinary people 

Chances are you’re an artist, podcaster, influencer, or a performer yourself. Or someone who just appreciates great sound. As a Shure Associate, you’ll join a like-minded team who wants everyone to experience that same magic. At its most extraordinary.


I'm really proud to say that I've been with the Company since 1989 and have had the good fortune of traveling around the world, meeting a lot of Shure Associates, and really understanding what Shure is about and what our core values are about.

Chris Schyvinck
President and CEO Shure Inc.

Our Core Values

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    We are ethical, honest, and fair.

    As a Company and as individuals, we are ethical, honest, and fair in dealing with Associates, customers, and suppliers. 


    Do the Right Thing 

    Shure takes relationships seriously. We are honest and respectful with our customers and suppliers. Our integrity and  fairness are always on display in the way we treat everyone – from  Associates to government officials. Don’t ever ask us to compromise the ethics of our business for the sake of profit, market position, rank, or any other purpose. Because we won’t. We strengthen the positive  reputation of our Company and Associates every day by choosing to Do the Right Thing.


    Build Trust Through Open Dialogue  

    Diversity of perspectives is one of Shure’s greatest strengths. We share ideas. We share information. We value each other’s opinions across divisions, levels, and geographies. If you don’t know what someone expects from you – ask. If you want to learn more about how others act on our Core Values – listen.

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    Shure Associates show respect for one another in all circumstances.

    Respect for All Associates 

    Shure culture is positive, friendly, and supportive for all Associates, at all levels of our  business. We are a global Company that has no tolerance for  discrimination of any kind. Consideration for each individual goes well beyond our hours at work. Shure recognizes that a well-balanced life  with time for work, family, and friends creates balanced, productive Associates. 


    Function Without Borders 

    The best interests of customers and Associates stay front-of-mind in every decision we make. Your commitment to teamwork and problem-solving is what results in outstanding products and services. 


    Celebrate Diversity 

    Shure is diverse. We interact in a diverse landscape of Associates, distribution partners, customers, and suppliers from around the world. We’re all  different. Your views and preferences may not be mine. But we’re unified by our values and in our business strategy.

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    Shure is a good corporate citizen, neighbor, and employer.

    Act for the Good of Others

    Throughout the year, you will hear about the cultural, educational, and charitable efforts that Shure is known for supporting – locally, nationally, and globally.


    Encourage Volunteerism

    With Shure cheering us on, Associates around the globe donate their time and energy to building stronger communities by supporting efforts to help others grow and thrive. Shure gives  Associates time to support the causes that mean the most to each of us.


    Creating a Positive Impact in Our Communities 

    Shure improves communities by offering great jobs that, in turn, support economic  growth. And, we go one step further – Shure Associates join local  committees and activities.  


    Fostering a Positive Work Environment 

    Shure consistently wins awards for our commitment to being a great place to  work. Our attractive, pleasant workspaces foster growth and creativity.  You will always have opportunities to learn, grow, and advance your  career – just reach out and grab them. Project team members learn from and support one another. Each Shure Associate contributes to making the work environment the best it can be. 

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    We manufacture products of unmatched quality, reliability, and durability.

    Make It Right

    We provide unsurpassed service and support to our customers. If something goes wrong, we make it right. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. Why? To move a step beyond customer satisfaction and earn their trust and loyalty.


    Stand Behind Our Products 

    We stand behind our products 100 percent. Always. No one beats our reputation for integrity and quality. Our customers know that we are here to offer outstanding training and technical support on all of our products.


    Demand Quality

    We expect quality from ourselves and our partners in everything we do. This commitment drives us to strive  for perfection. It drives each of us to challenge ourselves to  continuously improve ourselves as we aim to create the finest, most  trusted audio products in the world.


    Embrace Change 

    Shure Associates promote innovation by taking measured risks and respectfully challenging the status quo. We know that we must remain flexible and able to  embrace change to stay at the forefront of advancing technology. 

  • We are ethical, honest, and fair.

  • Shure Associates show respect for one another in all circumstances.

  • Shure is a good corporate citizen, neighbor, and employer.

  • We manufacture products of unmatched quality, reliability, and durability.

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Culture and Life at Shure

Shure has been a Company of belonging since our founding in 1925. The passion to create a fun, innovative, and healthy work environment is something that lives deep within each of our teams. We work hard to build a community where participation and pride are felt by all and believe it is the responsibility of every Shure Associate, at all levels, to show respect for one another, promote diversity and teamwork, and serve the community by working together to produce high quality, reliable products. We are more than teammates – we are family.

From Our Associates

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work at Shure, your best resources are Shure Associates themselves. Associates from our teams around the world—like engineering, customer service, and administration—share their experiences of the Company, and what keeps them here.

More From Our Associates

Workplace Awards

At Shure, we recognize that our Associates are our most valuable asset. We continually focus on engaging, rewarding, and growing the capabilities of our Associates. Due to this critical and consistent focus, Shure has been recognized time and time again for being a top employer across the globe.

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Benefits & Perks

The well-being of Shure Associates is our top priority. We consistently survey best practices and market research to offer our teams competitive and comprehensive rewards packages that address physical, mental, financial, and overall well-being. We recognize that it is not only loving what you do every day that’s important. We pride ourselves in offering our Associates superior and comprehensive rewards packages. Please note that our benefits can vary based on country or region. The local Shure HR or Talent Acquisition Team will share more about the benefits during the interview process. Here are just a few of the programs we offer:

Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits

Life Insurance

Mental Health Resources

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

Generous Paid Time Off

Flexible Work Arrangements (Onsite, Remote or Hybrid)

Caregiver Benefits

Paid Parental Leave, New Parent Phase-In


While Shure offers flexible work arrangements (remote, hybrid, flex hours, etc.), many of our Associates choose to spend time in our beautifully designed offices. With 35+ locations spanning the globe – from London to Hong Kong to Chicago – our innovative office spaces create a welcoming atmosphere for Associates and keep us closer to our customers and partners. Many of these spaces have been designed by world-renowned architects to ensure we have well-designed workplaces that powerfully represent our brand and enable Associates to work comfortably and efficiently. In fact, our Corporate Headquarters in Niles, IL, US, recently was named a “Coolest Office Award Winner” by Crain’s Chicago Business.

Use the map to view our offices and open positions in those regions.

Hiring Process

Initial Entry Period

Search openings and apply for positions of interest. You’ll be asked to create a profile and attach a resume to your application.

Application Review

A Human Resources Specialist will review your qualifications against the requirements for the position you’ve applied for. If we feel there’s a good fit, we’ll contact you.

Initial Interview

A Human Resources Specialist will schedule an initial interview with you to further discuss your qualifications and your interest in Shure. This is a good opportunity for you to ask questions about the position and our Company.

Interview with the Hiring Team

Here you’ll have the chance to learn more about the position from your future manager, department colleagues, team members, and Human Resources. 

Final Assessments, References, and Offer

Depending on the region and local standards, steps like assessments, reference checks, etc. may be conducted on finalists before an offer is made. After these are completed, an offer of employment may be extended. If you are not selected at any stage of the process, you’ll be notified. 

Pre-Employment Screening

Education verification, employment verification, criminal background checks, work authorization, and drug testing may be conducted based on regional requirements. 


Our orientation program will introduce you to life at Shure, including our Company policies, products, and the onboarding plan your manager has created for you. We offer a variety of training opportunities to ensure all new Associates feel supported as they transition into their new roles.
Strength of our Associates

Workplace Flexibility

At Shure, we aspire to be the inclusive employer of choice for the best talent in our industry. We trust and believe in the strength of our Associates to drive our business success. Our company has offered flexibility in various ways over the years, yet our thinking and practices have continued to evolve in favor of our Associates. The company has opted to support radical flexibility allowing many of our Associates around the globe to work HYBRID and REMOTE schedules. We also offer flexibility options for Associates who may be required to be onsite due to their position.

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About Us

Good sound is fine for some people. But at Shure, we’re only interested in delivering sound experiences that immerse and inspire you.

Our History

With a history of innovation that began in 1925, Shure has turned a passion for making great microphones and audio electronics into an obsession.

Shure Incorporated is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, genetic information, military or veteran status or any other protected characteristic.