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Detailed policy information regarding customer service numbers, service modifications, and replacement parts.

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Shure U.S. Service & Repair
Shure Incorporated
Attn: Service Department
945 Chaddick Dr. Wheeling,
IL 60090-6449

Phone: Toll Free (U.S. only): (800) 516-2525
Fax - Service: (847) 600-8686
Fax - Parts: (847) 600-8688

Most replacement parts for Shure products are available through our Service Department. For information on purchasing these items, please contact the Service Department directly at 800-516-2525-3

Service & Repair Process

Service and repair for Shure products is handled by Shure Incorporated and our Authorized Distribution Centers. Click “Get Started” to follow a sequence of steps that will help you to determine whether your product needs to be sent off for service or repair and direct you to the necessary actions.

Please Note: To receive service or repairs for your Shure product, you will be required to mail us your product.

Step 1 of 4: Look for a solution on

Depending on your problem, your product may not need to be sent in for repair. Before proceeding to the next step, try using these Support resources to search for a solution to your problem.

Before Sending Earphones for Repair…

Step 2 of 4: Where do you live?

Please select your geographical region below. International repairs sent to the U.S. will be redirected to your regional Shure Service Center for processing. Significant delay of your return may result.

Step 3 of 4: Calculate Repair Cost US ONLY

US ONLY - for other countries, please go back to Step 2

  • If you purchased your Shure product less than two years ago, you still have your purchase receipt, and you have not violated the terms and conditions of your warranty through improper use:
    • Service and repair fees are covered by your warranty. For more information, see Product Registration and Warranty Guarantee.
    • If your product is beyond the two-year warranty period:
    • Your product can be repaired for a flat fee, depending on the product. Use the following resources to determine cost of repair.
Service Fee
Total Payment

If a product is returned damaged, or cannot be serviced economically due to obsolescence, Shure may, at our option, return the product as received, or offer to replace the product at a higher replacement cost.

If you require an estimate prior to repair, turnaround time may be significantly longer. Shure must receive a response and payment of repair estimates within 5 business days. All open estimates over 5 business days will be returned as is.

Step 4 of 4: Fill out form and mail your product to Shure

US ONLY - for other countries, please go back to Step 2

Please fill out the Repair Correspondence Form (PDF) form linked below and print it. Please return your product with the completed Repair Correspondence Form and payment. If your product is out of warranty, please calculate your repair cost (see “Calculate repair cost” above) and include your payment. If you need further information, you may phone us toll free at 800-516-2525 ext. 2, or contact us by email at

Download Repair Correspondence Form (PDF)

  1. Download, fill out, and print form.
  2. Pack up your product and the completed form.
  3. Mail your form and product to be repaired at Shure.
  4. Repairs should be sent to:
    Shure Incorporated  |  Attn: SERVICE  |  945 Chaddick Dr.  |  Wheeling, IL  |  60090-6449

If your product is under warranty, or payment is enclosed, then it will go straight to repair and then be shipped back to you. If not, then we will contact you for payment either by phone or email.

To get an automated notification when we receive your order, please provide your email address on the repair correspondence form.