Shure has optimized our service experience to save you time and keep you informed.
Before Submitting a Repair:
  1. Look for a solution on

Depending on the issue, your product may not need a repair. Before proceeding to the next step, try these Support resources:

  1. No sound from your earphones?

Try cleaning them using the provided cleaning tool. See this article: How To Use the Earphone Cleaning Tool

  1. Calculate your cost

Fees for repair are covered by our two year warranty with a purchase receipt and if terms and conditions are met. Read our Product Registration and Warranty Guarantee. If not under warranty, here is a service fee list with estimated costs assuming UPS Ground + Tax.


Need to Start a Repair?

Get started by logging in or creating an account, then register your product and submit a repair request.

*Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers; please do not use Internet Explorer, you may experience issues.


Repair FAQ’s

Q: Can I drop off my repair?

A: To receive service or repairs for your Shure product, you will be required to ship your product to us.

Q: Do you have any authorized service centers?

A: Repair of Shure products is handled by Shure Incorporated or in certain countries, our authorized distribution centers.