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Consistent clarity. Versatile agility.

Need conferencing audio for flexible meeting rooms? Shure solutions adapt to your changing needs, whatever the meeting might require. 

Discreet microphones. Non-invasive installs. Intuitive setup and control. From wired to wireless, Shure has the tech to make collaboration easy. When there’s less clutter, there’s more clarity and more room for great ideas.

Microflex® Wireless for flexible meeting spaces

Flexible meeting spaces require an intelligent and innovative wireless audio solution. Microflex Wireless (MXW) delivers in virtually any configurable space, without the hassle of cables.

Choose from multiple transmitter types, including bodypack, handheld, gooseneck and boundary microphone options. MXW is IT network ready, and easily configured with Shure SystemOn Asset Management  Software, the onboard control software, or other third-party control systems.

Microflex® Advance™ for flexible meeting spaces

When a configurable meeting space requires attention of every meeting participant, technology can’t get in the way. With Microflex® Advance Array (MXA) Microphones, team members can collaborate without compromise anywhere in the room.

Proprietary Steerable Coverage™ technology captures audio only where needed, and the MXA form factors virtually disappear into any room aesthetic — elevating the experience for everyone involved.

Microflex Complete Wireless for flexible meeting spaces

The all-in-one design of Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW) is ideal for a flexible meeting space, providing each participant their own microphone, loudspeaker and control — with the added convenience of wireless. 

MXCW automatically configures when you turn it on, with real-time frequency management that finds the clearest channel. Best-in-class audio with complete control and monitoring for meetings — MXCW is the flexible solution for agile discussions.


Stem Ecosystem for flexible meeting spaces

Whether you are mapping out corporate strategy or holding a private conversation with a few remote team members, you need an audio solution that adjusts to each meeting’s needs. The Stem Ecosystem allows you to mix and match up to ten audio endpoints to customize your coverage to work for a variety of room arrangements and meeting sizes.

The Stem Ecosystem platform provides a suite of options to customize each conference call to match the meeting’s needs. Join or split rooms, mute individual devices, focus audio capture from a wide net to a single individual and even create audio heatmaps to ensure every voice in the room can be heard.

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