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Training room microphones

The clear classroom connection.

Attention. It’s hard to hold on to. And it’s the one thing instructors need most. Enhancing the quality of your voice helps raise the engagement between you and your trainees.

And that opens more learning possibilities. Shure installed sound systems give you the power to amplify instruction. With various hands-free microphones, improving vocal clarity is as simple as speaking. And fewer tech considerations mean you can stay focused on leading the lesson.

Microflex® Advance™ for Training Rooms

Enabling discussion with discrete audio.

Microflex® Advance™ networked ceiling and table array microphones capture premium audio for training and education spaces, from conferencing to distance learning. High quality audio plays an increasingly important role as lectures are recorded and live streamed. Microflex Advance is the perfect solution for these applications. The result is a natural learning environment that inspires teachers and students.

Microflex® Wireless for Training Rooms

Connect with wireless technology.

The Microflex® Wireless microphone system enhances speech intelligibility in training and educational facilitates and helps students and teachers collaborate at the highest level, from lectures to video conferencing and distance learning. Versatile microphones provide pristine audio capture while rechargeable batteries offer up to eight hours of continuous operation, making MXW a sensible option for colleges and universities.


The Stem Ecosystem for Training Rooms

In-depth training needs reliable audio.

Effective training means effective communication between trainers and trainees, so you need an audio solution comprehensive enough to pick up every question and deliver every answer. With the Stem Ecosystem, you can create any combination of audio devices to equip your training room for the discussions and lessons participants need to be successful.


Microflex® Microphones

Speech comes in many forms. Sermons, rallies, keynotes: the list goes on. We’ve captured hearts and minds with our voices since we first learned to speak — limited only by imagination and amplification. Microflex® microphones ensure that what you share will always be heard.


QLX-D Digital Wireless System

Mid-size venues demand more wireless capability. QLX-D® Digital Wireless is more than ready for the challenge. The robust RF performance lets you step up to an all-around higher class of audio, while protecting the signal at every level. It’s an affordable upgrade and a smart investment in your sound.


ULX-D Digital Wireless System

Large conference and convention installations come with unique wireless challenges. A campus-wide solution, ULX-D® Digital Wireless is secure, scalable, and durable. From managing diverse sound sources to protecting RF from smartphones and other stray signals, the intelligent system solves wireless problems of all sizes.


SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software

Conquer complexity and scale. Developed to make managing large-scale Shure audio hardware deployments easier for you.

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