Short shotgun microphone for semi-professional applications

Short shotgun microphone offers a compact and lightweight recording option for near-field sound sources, and includes a foam windscreen, natural off-axis rejection and compatibility with VP89/S premium accessories.


Product Details

The VP82 is a professional shotgun microphone for use in A / V sound reinforcement.

Compact and lightweight with a wide aperture and excellent off-axis rejection, the VP82 is the affordable and reliable choice for camera-mounted broadcast and media production applications.

  • 1 - 95A2313 Zippered Carrying Bag
  • 1 - A89SW Foam Windscreen
  • 1 - 31A1856 5/8” to 3/8” Thread Adapter
  • 1 - A57F Microphone Clip

Updated Technology

  • Best-in-class audio performance
  • Integrated preamplifier design (not modular)
  • Wide aperture for near-field sound sources
  • Natural off-axis rejection
  • Economical choice with small footprint; compact and lightweight
  • Superior Shure design and rugged, roadworthy construction


  • Zipper pouch and foam windscreen included
  • Compatible with VP89S premium accessories




Rycote replacement foam windscreen


Softie Windshield


Lyre Mount with CCA


Pistol Grip Mount


Shoe Mount




Microphone Clip


Windshield Kit


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