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Podcast Microphone
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    Podcast Microphone

    SKU: MV7-K

    Shure Product Benefits

    We get it, not everybody is lucky enough to record in sound-treated studio, so the MV7 is equipped with Voice Isolation Technology so it’s laser-focused on your voice to give you a professional recording, without any background or room noise. Once recording, use the built-in 3.5mm headphone jack to monitor your sound and adjust mic gain, headphone volume, monitor mix and more using the built-in touch panel.

    Don’t let the USB connection fool you; the MV7 is a professional dynamic microphone that is compatible with all professional interfaces via XLR if you’re recording in the studio.

    Go mobile; enjoy the benefit of the MV7 being MFi certified and pick up an AMV-LTG cable (sold
    separately) and connect your MV7 directly into the Lightning device on your iPhone or iPad to record
    on the move.
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