PSM 300

In-Ear Personal Monitoring System

Free yourself and your music from wires and wedges. From any position. On any stage. Hear every note in detailed, 24-bit digital audio with Shure PSM® 300 in-ear personal monitoring system.

Easy to set up and operate, the Shure PSM 300 in-ear personal monitoring system puts total freedom within reach of musicians at every level. Customizable two-channel mix and volume lets you hear every note in detailed, 24-bit digital audio from anywhere on the stage. All PSM 300 systems include the P3T transmitter, which is housed in a rugged, all-metal chassis, your choice of two bodypack receivers, and Shure Sound Isolating™ Earphones.

More, Easy-to-Use Channels

Up to 15 channels and up to 24 MHz of tuning bandwidth with easy-to-use pre-programmed Groups and Channels

Single-channel, Rugged Transmitter

The Shure P3T wireless transmitter is housed in a rugged, all-metal chassis that goes wherever your music takes you. Send a stereo or mono mix wirelessly up to 300 feet away without artifacts and dropouts.

Choose Your System

Choose between the reliable P3R bodypack receiver or move up to the P3RA bodypack receiver with its all-metal construction, LCD display, and rechargeable battery option. Also available in convenient Twinpack configurations for up to two performers.

  • Up to 15 channels that are simple to use due to pre-programmed Groups and Channels
  • Send a stereo or mono mix wirelessly to performers onstage
  • Detailed, 24-bit digital wireless audio over a 90-meter range
  • One-touch IR sync instantly links transmitter to bodypack receiver
  • MixMode® delivers L/R levels independently to create a personal mix for each bodypack
  • Up to 7 hours of use from two AA batteries or take advantage of Shure rechargeable battery options (P3RA bodypack only)
  • Two bodypack receivers to choose from depending on feature and budget needs


IEM Systems

PSM300 Twinpack


The ideal monitoring solution for up to two performers

PSM300 Twinpack Pro


The ideal monitoring solution with metal bodypacks for up to two performers


PSM 300 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring Set with SE112 Earphones

Featuring SE112 Sound Isolating™ Earphones, P3TR112GR provides great sound and simple setup for entry-level users.


Wireless Personal Monitor System Set

P3TRA215CL features SE215 Sound Isolating™ Earphones, all-metal components with optional receiver rechargeability, and more advanced receiver controls.




Wireless Transmitter

Wireless transmitter housed in a rugged all-metal chassis for both entry-level and professional-tier PSM®300 systems.



Premium Wireless Bodypack Receiver

Premium wireless bodypack receiver delivers professional personal monitoring with 24-bit digital audio processing and reliable performance.



Wireless Bodypack Receiver

Wireless bodypack receiver offers wireless freedom with 24-bit digital audio clarity and 90 meters of range.



Professional Sound Isolating™ Earphones

SE112 Professional Sound Isolating™ Earphones provide great sound and durable build quality through a single dynamic driver design with fixed 3.5 mm (1/8”) audio cable.

SE215 Pro

SE215 Pro

Professional Sound Isolating™ Earphones

SE215 Sound Isolating™ Earphones provide clear sound and deep bass through a single high-definition driver in a durable, discrete design with detachable 3.5 mm (1/8”) audio cable.



Antenna Combiner


Helical Antenna


UHF Antenna


UHF Antenna


Directional Antenna


2-Bay Battery Charger


In-Line Power Supply for Rack-Mountable Shure Wireless Receivers and/or PSM Transmitters


Shure Battery Rack Charger


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