Antenna Combiner

Antenna combiner distributes DC power and RF signal for up to 4 PSM300 transmitters. The compact half-rack system reduces the number of antennas and power supplies needed when using multiple systems.

  • Wideband 470 to 865 MHz frequency range
  • Main RF output connector connects to any antenna with a BNC connector
  • RF LED Indicators display signal present and signal overload per input
  • Power output distributes DC power for up to 4 P3T transmitters (accessory power cable included)
  • Front panel power switch  



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Yes, the PA411 has two internal fans.  The fans operate based on the level of heat inside of the unit.  It is normal to hear a mec ...

PA411 units - combining the RF outputs
June 5, 2015

While it technically can be done by using the Shure UA221 antenna combiner/splitter, Shure does not recommend it.   Note the following:1) Th ...

PA421A comparison to PA411
October 20, 2014

PA421A Bandwidth: 470 - 952 MHzPA411 Bandwith: 470 - 865 MHzPA421A Nominal Input Power: 20dBm / 100 mWPA411 Nominal Input Power: 15dBm / 30 mWPA4 ...

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