UR4S+ Wireless Receiver

The UR4S+ and UR4D+ receivers are part of the flagship UHF-R system and provide single and dual-channel options for premium wireless. As "+"-versions these receivers include RF distribution ports that allow up to 10 receivers to share the RF signal from a single pair of antennas.

Product Details

  • 3000 selectable Frequencies across 75 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 47 compatible channels per band
  • Cascading: Includes RF distribution ports that allow up to 10 receivers to share the RF signal from a single pair of antennas.
  • Track Tuning Filtering Technology
  • Networked Automatic Frequency Selection
  • Automatic Transmitter Setup (including custom group upload)
  • Flash Memory to store six 60-channel custom frequency groups
  • Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding
  • Multi-function bit-mapped backlit LCD
  • Built-in Ethernet network compatibility
  • Shure's Wireless Workbench Control/Monitoring Software
  • Remoteable antennas
  • Shure's microprocessor-controlled diversity

What is the difference between a UR4D and a UR4S?

The UR4S is a single channel receiver, and the UR4D is a dual channel receiver.

How many UHF-R systems can I use together?

You can use up to 47 compatible systems together without audio degradation or interference. Within a given frequency band, you can choose from 3000 selectable frequencies across a 75MHz bandwidth.

Can I easily set up and remotely monitor the UR4D?

Using the Shure Wireless Workbench® System Control Software, which is included with the receiver, you can remotely monitor and control individual and networked receivers.

What does the "+" mean?

In addition to the former UR4D and UR4S, the UR4D+ and the UR4S+ include RF distribution ports that allow up to 10 receivers to share the RF signal from a single pair of antennas.


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Shure Update Utility streamlines the process of updating the firmware and software of compatible Shure products. Features include Windows and Apple operating system support and the ability to update hardware for various Shure products and systems.


Wireless Workbench offers total control of networked Shure Systems to provide an interface to manage every facet of a performance. Includes savable parameters, Shure scanning hardware, detailed visibility of spectrum, and Coordination Workspace.

ShurePlus™ Channels

ShurePlus Channels enables remote, real-time precision monitoring and control of Shure wireless systems. Features include audio metering, RF indicator, ShowLink signal strength, and frequency assignments with band, group, and channel information.

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