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Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter With XLR Connector
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    Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter With XLR Connector

    SKU: SLXD3=-G58

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    SLXD3 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter converts any XLR source, including dynamic and condenser microphones, for use as an SLX-D wireless transmitter. Featuring a patented locking ring for a secure, wobble-free connection, the SLXD3 sends 24-bit digital audio from any XLR source to SLXD4 and SLXD5 Digital Wireless receivers via rock-solid RF connection. Use IR Sync to pair transmitters easily and quickly with your choice of SLX-D wireless receiver. A bright front OLED screen displays key system statuses including battery power and transmission frequency.


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