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Handheld Transmitter with VP68 Capsule
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    Handheld Transmitter with VP68 Capsule

    SKU: MXW2/VP68=-Z10

    Coupled with the VP68 cartridge, the MXW2 is a handheld transmitter compatible with Microflex Wireless Systems. With lightweight but durable construction and integrated diversity antennas, the MXW2 delivers vivid lifelike sound, intelligent wireless performance, encrypted transmission, and advanced rechargeability for presentation and conferencing applications.


    MXW neXt2 wireless microphone system

    All-in-One, Job Done: MXW neXt 2 Delivers Convenient Wireless Audio

    MXW neXt 2 provides superior wireless audio for in-room listeners and remote participants in presentations, training rooms, and lecture halls.
    presenter holding Shure wireless microphone

    Tell Me About: Handheld Wireless Microphones for Presenters

    Choosing the right handheld wireless mic can improve sound quality and feedback control for presenters. Download these guides for easy reference.