Instrument Microphone

Instrument microphone consists of a swivel adapter to provide warm, natural sound with smooth high-end response due to its cardioid polar pattern.


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What is the Beta 98A/C best suited to?

It’s a premium instrument microphone which is ideal for use with a variety of instruments such as drums, conga, piano, reed, wind and string in both stage and studio applications - in short most acoustic or amplified instruments.

What are the characteristics of the Beta 98A/C?

The Beta 98A/C provides warm, natural sound reproduction, with smooth high-end response.

What is the difference between the Beta 98A/C and the other versions of the Beta 98?

The Beta 98A/C is a cardioid condenser instrument microphone and comes with a swivel adapter. The Beta 98AD/C is exactly the same but also ships with the A98D drum mount which features a flexible gooseneck. Also available are supercardioid versions (Beta 98S & Beta 98D/S), and the Beta 98AMP/C which contains an integrated preamplifier.

Please note - any Beta drum microphone featuring the letter 'A' following the model number contains a new capsule and as a result you can expect a more natural high frequency response.

  • 1 - RK282 Shock-Mount Swivel Adapter
  • 1 - 95A2398 7.6 m (25 ft.) light-weight cable
  • 1 - 95A2314 Zippered Carrying Bag
  • 1 - RPM626 In-Line Preamplifier
  • 1 - RK183WS Snap-fit Windscreen





Microphone Drum Mount for Beta 98 and SM98A


Horn Microphone Mount




Swivel Microphone Mount


In-Line Preamp




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February 22, 2018

Yes. The Beta 98, minus the inline preamp, will work with any Shure wireless bodypack that has a four pin input connector. ...

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Two Beta 98 mics into one bodypack transmitter
September 1, 2017

No such adapter is offered by Shure.  It is not recommended to connect two Beta 98 mics into one transmitter.    The transmitter may no ...

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