In-Line Preamp

In-line preamplifier for WBH53, Beta 53, Beta 91, Beta 98, MC50B, and MC51B microphones boosts resistance to RF interference.




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Beta 53 in-line preamp?
February 22, 2018

Use the RPM626 in-line preamp. It requires 11-52 volts of phantom power for operation. ...

Using the WB98H/C as a wired mic
February 21, 2018

It is essential to use the RPM626 preamp with the WB98H/C for wired operation. The mic mixer must provide phantom power in order to operate the RPM626 ...

PGA98H-TQG used as a wired mic
September 12, 2017

Obtain the Shure RPM626 preamp and connect the PGA98H-TQG to it.  To operate, this preamp requires phantom power. ...

WBH53 - Using it as a hard-wired mic
September 6, 2017

The WBH53 must be connected to a Shure "preamp", like the RPM628, in order to be used as a wired mic.The RPM626 provides several vital funct ...

Compatible Products


Performance headset condenser microphone

The SM35 Performance Headset Condenser Microphone gives multi-instrumentalists the freedom to express themselves without sacrificing sound quality. A tight, unidirectional cardioid polar pattern provides excellent rejection of off-axis sound sources to prevent feedback and signal bleed onstage, whether in use in small clubs, large installations, or arena tours.


Cardioid Condenser Instrument Clip Microphone

Cardioid condenser instrument clip microphone provides clear reproduction of wind instrument sound sources. The product includes an integrated horn clamp, a flexible gooseneck design and a preamplifier for phantom power and XLR connection.


Headset Condenser Microphone

Cardioid headset condenser microphone offers clear and reliable hands-free audio at an affordable price. Features include a permanently-charged electret condenser element, flexible gooseneck, tailored frequency response, TA4F (TQG) and a windscreen.


Instrument Microphone

Instrument microphone delivers a smooth and natural response, and consists of an A98D drum mount for secure placement in any configuration and a uniform cardioid polar pattern for excellent gain-before-feedback and off-axis noise rejection.