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All things voice, from industry standard vocal microphones to wireless systems and personal monitoring. Let them hear what you’ve got.

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Everybody has their moment to shine. We make the mics that let you blow away the audience and bring them to their feet. With over forty models made just for live and studio vocals, our microphones have weathered global tours and recorded Grammy winners alike.

Your next performance is always your best performance with our handheld, side-address condenser, ribbon and wireless mics. Get out there and amplify your greatness.

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SM58 Technology: How the SM58 works View the role of each component in delivering the SM58’s reliable sound quality and combat-ready ruggedness. Designed to dent upon impact, shock-absorbing grille protects the cartridge from damage. Foam on top of the resonator cap serves as the second stage in pop filtering. Calculated porting in capsule ensures a uniform cardioid polar pattern across the frequency range for maximum gain-before-feedback. Pneumatic shock mount virtually eliminates stage vibration and handling …
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