You're known for big ideas. Make sure your audience hears them loud and clear, with microphones and wireless systems from Shure.

Engineered for excellent speech.

You have their attention. No doubt, you’ve prepared for this moment for some time. There’s a lot to concentrate on. The mic should be the last thing on your mind.

Shure speech microphones have you covered. Lavalier or podium. Headset or handheld. Wired or wireless. Just speak and let the gear deliver rich, clear audio to your eager audience.

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Signal Path Podcast: The SM58
Listen to a special edition of the SIGNAL PATH podcast about THE SM58, quite possibly the most popular microphone in the world, as part of the Shure ICONIC MIC CELEBRATION this month.
A hand holding an SM58 microphone
A woman streamer in front of her computer and mv7 mic
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MIKED UP – Livestreaming: Miking Techniques, Tips & Tricks, Mic Basics
The MIKED UP – LIVESTREAMING handbook from Shure has miking techniques, tips, tricks, and mic basics for all kinds of streamers: gamers, vloggers, …
A dune buggy driver with DuraPlex mic
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One Cable to Connect Them All: The Making of Shure Plex
From theater to sporting events, lavalier microphones like TwinPlex, DuraPlex and the brand new UniPlex face special conditions and challenges. But …
Yuri recording at home
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How Do You Do That? Improving Your Sound in an Imperfect Room
So you have to record a lecture, presentation, or podcast in your bedroom or home office but the untreated room sounds terrible? Learn how to …
MXA920 CAD drawing
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Can the MXA920 Replace the MXA910 on a Bid Specification?
The MXA920W-S ceiling array mic includes all of the same features as the MXA910 that it replaces, and fits the same ceiling openings and mounting …
MXA910 vs MXA920
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What's the Difference Between the MXA920 and the MXA910?
The MXA920 ceiling array mic offers new features for AV conferencing, camera tracking, and voice lift. Learn how it compares to the MXA910 that it …
MXA920 ceiling array mic in conference room
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What's the Difference Between Automatic Coverage and Steerable Coverage?
Automatic Coverage picks up talkers in a defined area, while Steerable Coverage lets you aim pickup lobes manually. Learn which is right for your …