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Shure Makes Latin GRAMMYs Shine in Seville

Shure Axient® Digital Wireless System and Shure Software Solutions Were Selected for the Biggest Night Celebrating Latin Artists
December, 04 2023 |
SEVILLE, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 16: Rosalía performs onstage during The 24th Annual Latin Grammy Awards on November 16, 2023 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Latin Recording Academy)

CHICAGO, December 4, 2023—Broadcast live for the first time in history from Seville, Spain, the 24th  Latin GRAMMYs trusted the Shure Axient® Digital Wireless System and Shure software to enable outstanding audio for the biggest night celebrating Latin culture, passion, and music.

Shure Axient Digital Wireless was selected for its robust and reliable signal quality, offering the highest standards required for a night where no technical failure is allowed. Sound company Fluge provided 60 channels of Shure Axient Digital Wireless and 32 channels of Shure PSM® 1000 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System, guaranteeing consistent RF coverage over the whole venue.

“Shure PSM 1000 continues to be a consistently reliable piece of a complex live show puzzle, which demands both high-quality audio and rock-solid RF,” said Michael Bové, Monitor Mixer for Latin GRAMMYs 2023. 

To secure a spectacular performance in such a congested environment, flawless monitoring and efficient signal control are paramount. The technical team relied on Shure software, including Wireless Workbench® (WWB) and WAVETOOL by Shure. Diogo Nunes Pereira, RF Coordinator for the Latin GRAMMYs, was able to monitor multiple cases where WWB operated various systems simultaneously.

From monitoring battery life, RF, and audio level checking to continuous scanning with Shure Axient Digital AD600 Spectrum Manager, the RF team could respond quickly, guaranteeing seamless execution: “Timeline and spectrum recordings are  life insurance and are always running in my shows. Not only are Shure RF systems’ performance top notch, but the software that goes with it is unrivaled,” noted Nunes Pereira. 

WAVETOOL was a key part of the software used during the rehearsals and the Latin GRAMMYs. Each member of the RF team had their own WAVETOOL client to monitor different channels at the same time: “One artist could be on-stage while two others were getting miked up and prepped simultaneously,” continued Pereira.

The evening began with a brilliant performance of Rosalia singing a special version of the popular “Se Nos Rompió el Amor,” which received a standing ovation from the audience. Rosalia relied on a Shure KSM9HS capsule, joined by a group of palmeros and guitars who were supported by 13 Shure AD1 bodypack transmitters.

Alex Guessard, (FOH) Music Mixer for the Latin GRAMMYs said: “Within the rich and lively panorama of Latin GRAMMYs performances, Shure Axient Digital seamlessly blends precision and passion. My focus was particularly captivated by the KSM9HS’s ability to perfectly capture the essence of Rosalia’s dynamically powerful opening number.” 

Other artists who relied on Shure included Ozuna, with a Nickel KSM11 Wireless Cardioid capsule, offering transparent and natural sound, during his performance with David Guetta. Alejandro Sanz with a KSM8 Dualdyne Cardioid Dynamic capsule, sang his famous “Corazón Partío,” and Feid used a custom green AD2 handheld wireless transmitter with a KSM9HS capsule

Shure’s iconic SM58® vocal microphone was present at the Latin GRAMMYs, too: Juanes and his chorus, Hi Flow, Carin Leon, and Pablo Alborán trusted the legendary microphone onstage. Sebastián Yatra added a gold ADX2 handheld transmitter to this iconic capsule. 

As always at these events, Shure was present on the ground to support the technical team, joined by Luis López, Audio Specialist from Earpro&EES (Shure’s Spanish distributor). “It was an honor to work with the incredibly talented sound engineers and artists during the Latin GRAMMYs 2023. By providing the most advanced software and technical gear, they can ensure unforgettable experiences. They used our equipment to its fullest potential, creating magical moments onstage without any audio issues that could shadow them,” said Javier Ocampo, Senior Manager, Market Development, at Shure. 

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