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Audio Monitoring & Listening Software

Take your audio monitoring to the next level with WAVETOOL. This robust software tool seamlessly combines mic monitoring and RF quality monitoring for all audio sources into a single, efficient view, tailored to meet your needs. With WAVETOOL, be confident that you'll receive accurate information precisely when you need it, ensuring a flawless audio performance.

WAVETOOL revolutionizes audio monitoring by offering a centralized solution for remote listening and viewing of every audio source, all while simultaneously monitoring RF and battery levels. The software’s custom-built algorithm detects and flags faulty sound sources, allowing you to swiftly identify and resolve audio issues. The integrated chat feature makes communicating with other technicians a breeze.

Centralized Monitoring

With compatibility with the most popular RF receivers across a variety of brands, you can effortlessly keep tabs on all your audio sources on a single screen.

Made for High Stakes Productions

Audio professionals rely on WAVETOOL for the most demanding productions, including West End and Broadway, top-tier live sound, and major sporting events.

Ensure Optimal Monitoring Convenience

With the WAVETOOL mobile app, audio technicians can move freely around the stage while streaming audio directly to their iOS devices.

  • WAVETOOL is compatible with several Shure systems, including Axient Digital, ULX-D, SLX-D, Axient Analog, and UHF-R.
  • During a production, you can effortlessly monitor sound and remotely listen to up to 128 channels.
  • Thanks to Instant Replay, you can diagnose and investigate any odd sounds.
  • Insert pictures and notes on talent, streamlining your production setup process.
  • With Mic Check mode, mark checked and unchecked microphones to optimize preshow workflow.






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