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Higher education has been disrupted. Students attending lectures online. Professors delivering classes from a remote office. Hybrid home-based and classroom models. Great audio is critical for inclusivity and learning. Find the Shure solution for your classroom.

Hybrid Learning Solutions

Microflex® Advance™ for Education

MV5C for Education

Stem Ecosystem For Classrooms

Hybrid learning environments are here to stay, but most classroom audio setups aren’t equipped to handle the newest revolution in education. The Stem Ecosystem gives you the ability to mix and match up to 10 audio endpoints, so whether you’re in a 100-seat lecture hall or the library huddle room, your remote students can participate in classroom activities seamlessly and feel as if they are all in the room together.

Explore The Stem Ecosystem

For every Stem Ecosystem device sold by Shure, a donation will be made to various STEM-based organizations.
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Audio Ecosystem

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