MV7 or MV7X: Which Mic is Right for You?

MV7 or MV7X: Which Mic is Right for You?

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MV7 or MV7X: Which Mic is Right for You?

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Looking for a powerful podcasting microphone, but not sure if you should get the MV7 or its new, more affordable incarnation, the MV7X? We’ve got the answers to your questions.

The MV7 Podcast Microphone has taken the content creator community by storm since its introduction last year and for good reason: It combines a jam-packed feature set with superb sound quality and ease of use.

So you might ask yourself, why has Shure decided to drop the brand new MV7X into the mix? And more importantly, is the MV7X right for me? And what about the big daddy of them all – the legendary SM7B?

Of course, if you’ve been looking to move your audio game up to the big leagues with the SM7B for a while, you should still do just that. Nothing will replace that legendary sound. You’ll find a handy comparison of the SM7B and MV7 here.

But at first glance, things don’t seem quite so clear cut when it comes to the MV7 and MV7X. So we’ve broken down all the reasons someone might choose one model over another.


The biggest difference between these two great mics is connectivity: The MV7 has both a standard XLR audio output and a USB port to plug straight into a laptop or desktop. This makes it ideal for streamers, gamers and podcasters recording solo without an audio interface.

The MV7X, on the other hand, is XLR only. This makes it a more affordable choice for someone looking to upgrade their recording rig or use multiple mics at the same time. Do you have a podcast with several guests? You might want to consider the MV7X. You’ll need either an XLR-compatible digital recorder or an audio interface to connect to your computer.

Voice Isolation Technology

The MV7 and MV7X are designed to keep the focus on your voice while blocking out any distractions. Both flavors of this dynamic microphone have innovative Voice Isolation Technology built in to eliminate as much room sound out as possible.

A fully passive system of carefully engineered airflow and robust shock mount provides acoustic benefits regardless of the kind of audio output you’re using. They also employ the same capsule that emphasizes vocal clarity and provides great rear rejection of background noise. Get perfect recordings in imperfect conditions. Say goodbye to annoying street traffic, A/C hum and room echo!

Perfect for Music Makers

We talk a lot about how great the MV7 is for podcasting and voiceover work, but it’s also an impressive mic for vocal tracks! With its similar frequency response emphasizing vocal clarity, the MV7X is a superb choice for music making content creators already using an XLR setup. This is a microphone that will do justice to a singer belting out a tune as well as the spoken word – even in an untreated room. Your home studio needs one now.

Better Together

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t mix and match this winning pair. Though there will undoubted be plenty of people happy to use the MV7X on its own, it’s been designed as a perfect complement to the MV7.

If you already have an MV7 with USB compatibility, adding an MV7X to your gear locker means you’ll be prepared for any eventuality. And you won’t have to waste time in post trying to get your mics to sound the same. (Pro tip: You can also use the MV7’s USB and XLR outputs at the same time!)

The MV7 and MV7X – two great mics even better together.