Highlights and Advice from TwitchCon ’23 on How to Boost Your Stream

Highlights and Advice from TwitchCon ’23 on How to Boost Your Stream

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Highlights and Advice from TwitchCon ’23 on How to Boost Your Stream

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This year’s TwitchCon in Las Vegas was a huge success with loads of dedicated streamers playing a special Shure version of Fortnite: Deadpines for a chance to win the new SM7dB. MARIO PONCE shares the highlights and some advice how great audio can help anyone boost the quality their stream.

It was a thrill to be back at TwitchCon with our team at Shure! Thank you to all the streamers and creators who took the time to stop by our booth and connect. Your enthusiasm for what you do made all the work we put into this trip worth it.

This year, the Shure booth included our custom Fortnite: Deadpines Shure Mic Quest Challenge, as well asa live stream booth where we featured our newly minted collaboration with the Vegas Inferno eSports Team and gave other attendee streamers a place to go live. We also installed a slot machine hologram to give attendees the chance to win the new SM7dBMV7SRH440A headphones, or the grand prize of a 50th anniversary Signature Edition SM7B (because... Vegas!).

The sheer size and number of attendees at the show was impressive! Beyond the amazing booth experiences from all the brands present, the ‘creator community’ presentations and seminars captured the passion each attendee has for not only their favorite streamer but for themselves as content creators. It was great to see the commitment Twitch has to their own community.

This year, more than ever, our team fielded increasingly technical questions about streaming as more talented people begin looking for their next audio upgrade. For those streamers who didn’t get to stop by our booth, I’ve compiled some of our top tips below that will be useful for streamers of all experience levels. 

  1. Investing in better audio extends beyond just buying a new microphone. Take time to learn basic audio concepts and mic techniques to enhance your stream. Weoffer our Shure Audio Institute, a free way to learn all about audio, designed for entry level beginners to seasoned professionals. To start, I’d recommend everyone take some time to learn the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones.
  2. Hearing is believing! Take the time to try out our microphones before you buy. It’s always a great moment when someone hears themselves through an SM7B (and our new SM7dB!) for the first time. I’ve found that many creators are using their phone or computer microphones to capture audio – so they are always blown away by the superior sound of a high-quality mic. It really takes things to the next level.
  3. Don’t be shy! Get to know your community by reaching out to fellow streamers and engaging with their content. No matter what content or topics excite you, there are bound to be other streamers out there who get jazzed about the same stuff. At TwitchCon this year, IRL (In Real Life) and musician streams (live music and DJ) we’re just about even keel with gamers and esports. Taking the time to build relationships will make streaming all the more rewarding. Other streamers can also point you in the direction of their favorite audio gear.

I’m excited to share more tips as our audio technology continues to evolve, helping streamers improve the quality of their content. As the popularity of streaming continues to attract new audiences and creators, itremains one of the most exciting ways to interact with people around the world, make friends, share talents and have fun!

If you ever have questions about which Shure gear might be best for your streaming needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team who can point you in the right direction. Happy streaming!