Unboxing the 50th Anniversary Signature Edition SM7B

Unboxing the 50th Anniversary Signature Edition SM7B

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Unboxing the 50th Anniversary Signature Edition SM7B

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Few microphones have stood the test of time as well as the SM7B. Half a century after its introduction, Shure is celebrating this audio icon by giving away 50 limited Signature Edition box sets for its 50th anniversary.

Shure engineers had high hopes for the SM7 when it was launched back in 1973, but few could have imagined its impact over the past 50 years. Originally intended for professional broadcasting, the microphone was embraced by recording studios before eventually conquering podcasting and streaming as its latest iteration, the SM7B.

Now, true fans of this legendary dynamic mic have a chance to win one of 50 exclusive Signature Edition SM7B box sets. And what a sight the Signature Edition is to behold!


Just looking at the premium, green-edged box, you can see what a special set this truly is. Lifting the lid, the 50 lucky winners will see five interchangeable SM7B backplates and three sets of custom bracket screws sporting vintage Shure logos from over the decades.

Pick your favorite backplate and keep it on the SM7B forever, or switch things up every now and again: Enjoy the clean lines of 1960s logo for a while. Then maybe you’ll feel like taking it all the way back to 1925 – the year Shure was founded.

Included with every box set are a booklet exploring the heritage of this grand device and an exclusive art print. Want to find out what’s “inside” an audio icon? The whimsical SM7 illustration has lots of great details to explore. Perhaps that helps explain the microphone’s legendary design…

The glossy booklet delves into the history of the SM7: Did you know this mic has a thoroughbred pedigree that can be traced back to the Shure Unidyne III cartridge created by engineering wizard Ernie Seeler in 1959? But don’t fret if you don’t manage to win one of the 50 boxsets – you can read all about the SM7B’s development over the years right here.

Snuggled underneath booklet and print you’ll find the Signature Edition SM7B itself – emblazoned with the name of Sidney N. Shure on the side. Engraved just below this is a number from 1 to 50 guaranteeing the authenticity of this extremely rare treasure.

As precious as it is, this is a fully functional microphone. Just like any SM7B, you can use it for wonderfully warm broadcast-style vocals on your podcast or stream. Maybe you want to lay down some smooth vocal tracks. Or put it on a guitar cab and crank it up!

But then again, this is a thing of beauty, a true collector’s item, that you might prefer to keep in pristine condition. The choice is yours!


*The Signature Edition SM7B giveaway is open to residents of the selected regions: United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France.