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For vlogging and YouTube, a quality microphone from Shure lets the production live up to the creativity. Fewer audio woes equals more subscribers.

Don’t let the location outshine the sound

It all seemed so simple. A brilliant video. Destined for internet immortality. But there was one problem — no one can hear you. Whether it’s a challenging location shoot or a room with heavy background noise, better audio is possible.

Video microphones that connect directly to SLR cameras. Lavalier and condenser mics specially designed for laptops and mobile devices. Simple-to-use apps for smarter sound management. Shure enhances audio to upgrade your video.

Apps for Vlogging

SM7B or SM7dB: Which Microphone is Right for You?
The SM7B is an audio icon cherished by musicians, podcasters and streamers. Now, the new SM7dB offers the same legendary sound, but has a custom preamp designed by Shure inside. Which of these dynamic microphones is right for you?
SM7B vs SM7dB
A woman streamer in front of her computer and mv7 mic
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MIKED UP – Livestreaming: Miking Techniques, Tips & Tricks, Mic Basics
The MIKED UP – LIVESTREAMING handbook from Shure has miking techniques, tips, tricks, and mic basics for all kinds of streamers: gamers, vloggers, …
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Yuri recording at home
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How Do You Do That? Improving Your Sound in an Imperfect Room
So you have to record a lecture, presentation, or podcast in your bedroom or home office but the untreated room sounds terrible? Learn how to …
Laura Davidson
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How Do You Do That? MV88+ Video Kit Setup and Tips
Learn how to set up and quickly get vlogging, livestreaming and more with your MV88+ Video Kit in the latest installment of the practical Shure …
Laura Davidson
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How Do You Do That? Avoiding Plosives When Recording
Join LAURA DAVIDSON to learn how proper mic placement can help you avoid plosives and other unwanted sounds in the latest installment of the …
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How to Be a Bigger Streamer with Loserfruit
Whether it’s your passion, a side hustle or just for fun, take your livestreaming to the next level with this video chock full of great tips from …