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The 2022 Billboard Latin Music Awards Rely on Exceptional Shure Sound to Honor the Brightest Artists in Latin Music

Shure's Revolutionary KSM11 Wireless Vocal Capsule Elevated Many of the Winner's Voices During the Ceremony
October, 13 2022 |
Farruko performing at the Latin Billboards with his KSM11 Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule.

CHICAGO, October 13, 2022—The Latin music community reunited to celebrate the biggest albums and brightest artists at the 2022 Billboard Latin Music Awards on September 29. Broadcast live from Watsco Center in Coral Gables, Florida, and produced by Telemundo, the awards ceremony relied on the Shure Axient® Digital Wireless System to ensure extraordinary audio throughout the night. 

Millions of Latin music fans enjoyed their favorite artists on stage during a magical night despite the complex conditions. Shure Wireless Systems didn’t disappoint and ensured outstanding signal quality for a night to remember. The technical team relied on the clarity and flexibility that the Shure Axient Digital Wireless System offers and produced a phenomenal show with 24 channels of Axient Digital and 48 channels of the Shure PSM® 1000 in-ear monitoring system

Artists who trusted Shure for their acclaimed performances include Ozuna, with AD2/ KSM9HS in nickel; Calibre 50 and Eslabon Armado, with ADX2/KSM9HS; and Chayanne and Pablo López, with ADX2/ SM58®. Christina Aguilera and legendary Latin artist Carlos Vives also relied on ADX2 handheld transmitters. Their engineers know they can rely on Shure for the most demanding situations on stage. 

“Shure service is like no other. No matter where you are in the world, they always have a solution you can trust,” said Jorge Frontera, Monitor Engineer for Carlos Vives. “Using the Shure Axient Digital Wireless System gives me the reliability I need even in the most condensed and complex environments, and that’s why we use ADXFD.”  

Several artists performed with personalized Shure gear: Grupo Firme rocked the stage with a colorful selection of ADX2/ B58 in red, white, and green, and Manuel Turizo cheered the audience with his customized ADX2/ B87 and ADX2/B58 and his unique rhythm.

One of the biggest winners of the night, Farruko, who received four awards in the categories of Hot Latin Song of the Year, Latin Rhythm Song of the Year, Sales Song of the Year, and Streaming Song of the Year, selected the Shure KSM11 Wireless Vocal Capsule in nickel to celebrate the success of his award-winning hit “Pepas.” His monitor engineer selected the new Shure microphone capsule to deliver phenomenal and stunning vocal clarity during the big night.

“We are extremely grateful to Shure for their incredible support and help during this edition of the Billboard Latin Awards,” said Luis Acosta, Monitor Engineer for Farruko. “We achieved extraordinary results with the KSM11 Microphone Capsule, and Farruko was really excited with the quality of the new capsule. We are really thankful to the Shure family and to Javier Ocampo.”

Likewise, artists Ankal and Piso 21 also selected an ADX2 and a KSM11 wireless cardioid condenser capsule, which is becoming an immensely popular choice for vocalists worldwide since its launch earlier this year. The combination of full lows, clear mids, and high-end detail eliminates the need for lots of processing, making it an ideal option for live performances. 

“This was a particularly challenging edition of the Latin Billboards, but artists and their technical teams know that they can trust our Axient Digital Wireless System, because it was developed to perform in the most complex RF situations,” said Javier Ocampo, Senior Manager, Market Development, at Shure. “Axient Digital ensures that artists only have to worry about giving their best to their audience, and for those who chose the KSM11 capsule, their voices on stage were unmatched.”

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