Studio Sound
In Your Home Office

With more people working remotely, your home office has become critical to the productivity and success of your business. It can be very distracting when you struggle to hear and are asked to speak louder or repeat yourself during a video conference. For these reasons, great audio is more important than ever before to ensure that you sound professional during important pitches, presentations and proposals and can clearly hear your meeting participants.

Shure brings studio-quality sound into your home office. Connect directly to your computer and enjoy audio clarity that puts you in the room with clients, colleagues and friends. Join your most important video meetings with confidence.









Comparison: Home Office Equipment

Workspace Noise Level
Best for a quiet home office.
Best for loud and noisy environments.
Best for loud and noisy environments.
Form Factor
Desktop microphone. Headphones are not required. Listen through computer speakers, an external speaker or your computer's headphone output.
Wired, in-ear earphones with integrated remote + mic on the cable. Plug right in.
Wireless over-the-ear headphones with integrated microphones and controls. No cords, no wires + 30 feet of range.
Noise Cancelling
Sound Isolating™ technology naturally blocks up to 37 dB of noise to eliminate distractions.
Active Noise Cancellation blocks sound to eliminate distractions. Activate Environment Mode to hear the sound around you with the flip of a switch.
Condenser microphone. Studio-quality full range sound, no static.
High quality, clear sound, no static, no echo
High quality, clear sound, no static, no echo. Beamforming microphone array.
Compatible with any conferencing service on Mac and Windows laptops. Not compatible with conferencing apps on iOS and Android devices.
Compatible with any device with a 3.5 mm connector (or headphone adapter).
Compatible with any device via Bluetooth
USB-A and USB-C cables included.
Wired, 3.5" mm jack.
Bluetooth® 5
Battery life
No battery needed.
No battery needed.
Up to 20 Hours.
Great for at-home video conferences, podcasting, vlog or voiceover.
Great for at-home video conferences, listening to music and videos.
Great for at-home video conferences, listening to music and videos.
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