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Education audio

Higher education has been disrupted. Students attending lectures online. Professors delivering classes from a remote office. Hybrid home-based and classroom models. Great audio is critical for inclusivity and learning. Find the Shure solution for your classroom.

Hybrid Learning Solutions

Microflex® Advance™ for Education

Microflex® Advance™ Networked Ceiling, Linear, and Table Array Microphones capture premium audio for education spaces, from conferencing to distance learning. High quality audio plays an increasingly important role as lectures are recorded and live streamed and MXA is the perfect solution for these applications. Adjustable microphone lobes can be configured for the configuration of the room to ensures accurate coverage, which results in a natural learning environment that inspires teachers and students.

Training & Teaching 

The smart way to modernize a training room is with an innovative sound system. Shure advanced voice solutions add cutting-edge clarity to the curriculum.

Microflex® Complete Wireless for Training & Teaching

The Microflex Complete Wireless system delivers excellent sound quality and provides complete freedom from the inconvenience of audio cabling. It speeds setup at last-minute events, allows the seating layout to change instantly, and eliminates the need to drill holes in furniture.

Automatic Interference Detection and Avoidance technology delivers reliable RF transmission even in the most congested RF environments. 

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