Conference & Discussion

Conference & Discussion

Precision and reliability are essential when important information is shared. Shure microphones let you confer with clarity.

Complete the collaboration. Clearly.

Whatever the discussion, the agenda needs everyone to be heard. Anything less than total clarity impedes decision- making.

Shure integrated conference and discussion systems seamlessly manage every aspect of conferencing, including audio, agenda management and voting. They take the hard work out of teamwork.

Microflex® Complete for Conference & Discussion

Microflex® Complete Wireless for Conference & Discussion

DDS5900 Digital Discussion System for Conference & Discussion

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September Webinar: How to Specify a Discussion / Conference System
We all know that the more mics you squeeze into a room, the greater your chances are of hearing the screeching whine of a feedback loop. So what do you do when you have an event where every attendee must have a mic? How in the world are you going to set up a room where there is no logical place to put a loudspeaker without it being in direct line with the business end of at least one of those microphones?

Well, there are some places and spaces where the conventional sound system just won't do, and this is one of the many reasons …

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