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Camera Tracking
Meeting Equity for Everyone

Microphone Based Camera Control

Whether it’s a conference call, a city council meeting, or a university lecture, a camera tracking system can help all participants to have an equally effective communication experience. Shure provides your camera system with the most accurate talker location data for more personal interactions.

Advanced Camera Tracking for Every Situation

AV Conferencing

The MXA920 ceiling array mic can help your camera control system focus on the person speaking to make meetings more engaging. 


Councils & Panels

Shure provides reliable information that enables the camera system to frame a single person at a distance or capture simultaneous talkers during dynamic discussions.

Higher Education

With the MXA920 ceiling array microphone, your camera control system can seamlessly switch between the instructor and students for more effective learning in larger rooms with multiple cameras.


Camera Tracking with the MXA920

The MXA920 Ceiling Array makes great camera tracking easy by providing:

  • Multi-zone Automatic Coverage Technology that makes it easy to define the areas that you want to hear and see.
  • Built-in Voice Activity Detection that ensures that unwanted room noises from keyboards or chip bags won’t trigger a camera movement.
  • X, Y, and Z coordinates that identify each talker’s precise location in real-time.


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