Live From ISE 2024 | Microsoft Teams and Shure live from the Shure Booth

Stem Ecosystem | 04/04/2024 Live From ISE 2024 | Microsoft Teams and Shure live from the Shure Booth

ISE 2024 has come and gone, and as usual, the event was jam-packed with product unveilings, elaborate booths, and interviews featuring teams from across the industry. One such interview featured Michel Bouman and Jimmy Vaughan of Microsoft Teams-based podcast Teams and Rooms Tech Talk conducted a discussion with Microsoft Australia’s Andrew Higgs centered around Shure and Microsoft Teams’ partnership, technology, and the future of the industry.

Watch the video here!

Video Highlights
The Importance Of Audio

While video conferencing has provided a huge step forward in remote communications thanks to the addition of the video element, the truth is that audio is the truly essential aspect of the conferencing experience. Without audio, you cannot convey essential information, which means that high-quality audio is essential for a successful conference system in rooms large or small.

Shure’s lineup of high-quality audio solutions provides both installers and users with the ideal experience. Installation is simplified and streamlined, with many solutions providing onboard tools that allow installers to visualize the audio quality and pickup within a space and automatically integrate each end unit with another, and users are provided with an effortless, high-quality meeting audio solution.

Intelligent Audio and Meeting Equity
IntelliFrame main screen

One of the major problems the industry has had to contend with is the concept of meeting equity. Meeting equity can be described as the ability for every voice to be heard clearly in a conference call, regardless of the speaker’s position within a room or whether they are local or remote.

To these ends, Shure is one of the companies at the forefront of developing technological solutions to this long-term problem. One such technological solution, intelligent audio, is promising to allow conference systems to automatically detect who is speaking within a room and adjust the visual-audio technology to focus on that speaker through a process called camera tracking.

By working with technology partners like Q-SYS, installers, DMRs, VARs, MSPs and in-house IT teams can program their video system to track speakers based on location. With advances in AI-based software suites in-camera, cameras will also be able to work with Shure devices to identify who is speaking and focus on that participant.

Room Accessibility and Ceiling Microphones

Critical to the success of any meeting room is making sure that anyone can walk into a room and retain their identity. Microsoft Teams and Shure’s lineup of conferencing audio equipment can help make sure that users are heard without needing to change how they speak or act.

A key aspect to this is the incorporation of ceiling microphones, such as the Shure MXA902, MXA920, and Stem Ceiling. Ceiling microphones are a powerful tool for integrators, as they drastically reduce deployment times and effort involved in integrating a room, and their wide pickup zones and onboard technology make them an unobtrusive yet effective means of picking up audio during a call.

Audio Ecosystems and Scalable Audio