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The Audio Ecosystem, Part 5: Technology Partners

Chris Lyons | 20/06/2020
AV systems must work together to deliver the productivity that businesses & colleges need. Learn more about how Shure partners to help provide this capability.

The Audio Ecosystem, Part 4: Software

Chris Lyons | 19/06/2020
With AV conferencing everywhere, the pressure is on to find solutions that are quick and easy to manage. Software can help you achieve these goals.

The Audio Ecosystem, Part 3: Loudspeakers

Chris Lyons | 18/06/2020
While a mic converts sound into an electrical signal, a loudspeaker converts signal back to sound. Learn why this is an essential part of the audio ecosystem.

The Audio Ecosystem, Part 2: Digital Signal Processing

Chris Lyons | 17/06/2020
Meeting room sound needs to be both intelligible and natural Learn how digital signal processing helps achieve this.

The Audio Ecosystem, Part 1: Conferencing Microphones

Chris Lyons | 15/06/2020
For a successful conference call, sound needs to be both intelligible and natural. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the role of the microphone to obtain this.

Best Practices for Audio Security

Ronald Rousseau | 02/04/2020
Safeguarding confidential data on your IP network is a top priority. Shure has considered the unique security needs of our customers and developed technology to safeguard content without compromising audio quality.

How to Choose the Right Microphones for a Boardroom

Chris Lyons | 19/02/2020
Choosing the best microphone can mean the difference between meeting success and failure. As effective communication becomes an ever-increasing business priority, we offer a few tips on what it takes to optimize boardroom audio.

Essential Advice on Meeting Room Acoustics

Julian Simpson | 31/01/2020
Contemporary meeting room spaces offer huge challenges for AV teams and their audio solutions. Room acoustics is important, if there is no synergy with your audio solution, then your meeting or video conference will be adversely impacted.

Meeting Room Technology For The 2020s

Rob Smith | 26/01/2020
How careful consideration can help businesses create the perfect meeting space to engage on a domestic and international level

Shure Examines Industry Trends With AV Experts At Expanding Horizons Event

Michel Baars | 13/01/2020
Senior AV and IT professionals were once again invited to discuss the latest trends within their respective industries by Shure at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival. Get the full report.