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Voice Lift & Sound Reinforcement
Hear Every Word

A voice lift or sound reinforcement system enables every participant to hear whoever is talking, just as if they were near them – without the need to carry around wireless microphones. Combining ceiling array microphones, digital signal processing and mixing, amplifiers, and loudspeakers located throughout the room, these systems make a critical contribution to successful team collaborations, business presentations and educational lectures by ensuring every word is heard, by everyone.

Voice Lift & Sound Reinforcement.
What’s the Difference?

Sound Reinforcement
One to Many

In large rooms used for presentations, for example, the audience may not be able to hear the presenter without straining, which demands sound reinforcement–the amplification of one person’s voice to many listeners. This “one to many” format makes it possible to provide excellent sound quality and robust sound levels for the entire audience and is designed to amplify the voice so that it can be understood in noisy environments and at great distances from the speaker.

Voice Lift –
Many to Many

In more interactive meetings, it may be difficult to hear those on the other side of the room - and waiting for a handheld microphone to arrive can inhibit free-flowing conversation. What’s needed is a Voice Lift system that allows all participants to hear each other. This “many to many” format arranges ceiling microphones and loudspeakers in zones so that the talkers in one zone are heard through the loudspeakers in other zones. With voice lift, lectures and seminars become fully interactive discussions. Everyone in the room is an equal participant.

How Voice Lift & Sound Reinforcement Boosts Engagement in Meeting Rooms & Classrooms

Voice Lift and Sound Reinforcement systems should be considered in spaces where listeners are more than 25-30 feet (7.5-9 meters) from talkers.

AV Conferencing

In larger corporate spaces, meeting room voice lift systems ensure that everyone can be heard across the room. With Shure, enable seamless discussion and collaboration without the need to strain your voice, or your ears!

Government & Panel Discussions

In corporate or government spaces, sound reinforcement systems ensure that the presenter is heard in the far corners of your space – and without a handheld or lavalier microphone! With Shure ceiling array microphones, sound reinforcement delivers pristine vocal intelligibility so that no one in the audience is at a disadvantage. 

Higher Ed

In higher education applications, it’s important to ensure equity for all students attending a lecture. Whether you need to amplify a professor using classroom sound reinforcement systems or drive collaboration and discussion among students with a classroom voice lift system – or both – the MXA920 has you covered!

Voice Lift & Sound Reinforcement with the MXA920

Inconspicuously installed throughout the room, the MXA920 ceiling array enables presenters to move around and work ‘hands-free’ - while also facilitating seamless audience Q&A sessions without the need for roving microphones.  

The MXA920 is equipped with 8 tightly controlled pickup lobes that avoid unwanted sound from nearby loudspeakers. This allows it to deliver ample gain before feedback in typical meeting spaces, fully restoring the acoustic loss experienced by those in the back of the room. 

Onboard IntelliMix DSP includes electronic noise reduction which removes ambient room noise for exceptional voice intelligibility. 

Next generation array architecture delivers the most natural sounding voice capture possible in a ceiling array – making it the ideal solution for both voice lift and sound reinforcement in your meeting rooms and classrooms. 


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