How to Choose the Best Microphones for Home Recording

From basement studios to bedroom producers, making music has been transformed in recent years. Shure has created a guide to the best microphones for home recording.

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How to Start a Successful Religious Podcast

Expanding your church’s online presence has become less of a technical novelty throughout the pandemic and more of a requirement. Of course, broadening your online presence via podcasting, vlogging, and live streaming enables you to spread the message worldwide. Also, creating a robust online services presence will allow you to reach the local community who might not be able to attend your church in person every week.

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Lachi Takes Full Control of Her Sound: Recording Vocals with the KSM44A

LACHI has spent years as a vocalist and songwriter, working with top artists as a topliner but this year she is taking full control over her music and recording her first EP - all from the comfort of her new home studio. She tells us about her experience using the KSM44A and how it captures more than just great sound.

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