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Signal Path Podcast: Bootsy Collins

Marc Young | 10/08/2020
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with BOOTSY COLLINS, the funk legend who redefined the bass during his time with James Brown and Parliament Funkadelic.

#TogetherAtHome with Cameron Hassard

Shure Incorporated | 05/08/2020
Music helps us all stay connected during these uncertain times. So Shure is talking to artists to find out how they’re coping with the crisis. Today, we have an interview with the Berlin-based balladeer CAMERON HASSARD.

Sarah Angliss: Getting Creative with Ancient Instruments, Electronics, and Robotics

Marc Henshall | 16/07/2020
Ancient acoustic instruments offer much in the way of texture and timbre that is often overlooked. To learn more about her work and creative process, we spoke with Sarah as she explained how she uses ancient instruments, electronics, and robotics.

Signal Path Podcast: Mikey Young

Andrew Anderson | 13/07/2020
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with MIKEY YOUNG, a musical multitasker who has moved from playing in influential Australian rock bands to mixing and mastering them.

Musings of a Bass Tech

Andrew Anderson | 06/07/2020
Five amplifiers, 13 basses and over 50 pages of show notes – this is life on the road for JON ASHWORTH, bass technician for the bombastic UK rock band MUSE.

Moving On Up With Sound Engineer, Alice Asbury

Gemma Stenberg | 30/06/2020
Shure chat with Alice Asbury who is a 24-year-old live sound engineer based in Oxford. Alice sheds some light on how she broke into the industry, what it’s like to be a female working in a predominantly male industry and how a little kindness can go a very long way.

Shure24: Waking Up to Skinny Pelembe

Malcolm Jack | 22/06/2020
Many artists are dreamers, but SKINNY PELEMBE often relies on nighttime inspiration to fashion his ethereal, electronic-infused sound.

Pro Audio at Home with Richard Brooker and Matteo Cifelli

Marc Henshall | 16/06/2020
Pro Audio at Home is a series of informal chats with our friends from across the pro audio industry. Richard Brooker is a celebrated theatre sound designer, and Matteo Cifelli is a hugely talented sound engineer for FOH and studio.

Signal Path Podcast: Mary Spender

Marc Young | 15/06/2020
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with MARY SPENDER, an English singer-songwriter with a bluesy guitar style and a massive following on YouTube.

Custom Crafted, Tech Tested: Drums by Jeremy Berman

Marc Young | 08/06/2020
Craftsmanship tempered with experience as a touring drum tech – JEREMY BERMAN builds some of the finest custom kits available anywhere. LOUDER meets the man behind Q DRUM CO.