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Recording Guitars with Cenzo Townshend

Paul Crognale | 12/02/2020
From U2’s The Edge to Blur’s Graham Coxon, CENZO TOWNSHEND has worked with some of the world’s most innovative guitar players. The man twice-named Britain’s best mix engineer offers tips on recording guitars – and explains his analog pedal fetish.

Award-Winning Sound System Designer, Liam Halpin Recalls Sam Smith's Tour and His View on The Future of System Design.

Marc Henshall | 04/02/2020
Liam Halpin's work includes the recent Sam Smith tour as a key highlight. We caught up with Liam to learn more about the importance of system design.

Signal Path Podcast: Ash Soan

Marc Young | 31/01/2020
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with ASH SOAN, a legendary sessions drummer who has recorded with Adele, toured with Squeeze and even played at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Catching Anthrax at Sweetwater Studios

Shure Incorporated | 31/01/2020
Check out a gnarly performance by thrash legends ANTHRAX recorded by our friends at Sweetwater Studios.

Refine Your Drum Routine with Afrika Green

Shure Incorporated | 19/01/2020
Is your timing up to the task? Are your chops a bit choppy? Work on your warm-up and perfect your practicing with these useful drumming tips from AFRIKA GREEN.

Signal Path Podcast: Rachel K. Collier

Shure Incorporated | 13/01/2020
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with RACHEL K. COLLIER, an electronic music producer from Wales who likes to give her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her songwriting process.

Better Yet Podcast: Live from the FTWT House

Shure Incorporated | 13/01/2020
Shure recently hosted a live episode of the BETTER YET PODCAST with local musicians at our For Those Who Tour house in Chicago.

Field Recording: Hunting and Gathering with Katie Gately

Andrew Anderson | 06/01/2020
Few artists are so devoted to field recording as KATIE GATELY. Tracking down and capturing unique sounds is a crucial part of her music-making process.

In-Ear Monitors - Keeping the Peace According to SSE

Marc Henshall | 03/01/2020
IEMs are now accepted as the de facto standard in upholding modern production values. How does SSE keep the volume wars at bay? Marcus Blight, RF & Comms Manager provides answers.

Signal Path Podcast: Velvet Negroni

Marc Young | 18/12/2019
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with VELVET NEGRONI, a singer and multi-instrumentalist nominated by SANTIGOLD for the new platform for innovative sounds Shure24.