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MoveMic Receiver
Wireless Receiver For MoveMic
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    MoveMic Receiver

    Wireless Receiver For MoveMic

    SKU: MV-R-Z7

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    The Shure MoveMic Receiver is easily paired with your MoveMic One or MoveMic Two lavaliers. This standalone receiver ensures flawless compatibility with DSLR/mirrorless cameras, computers, and third-party mobile apps. Simply connect via the supplied USB-C or 3.5mm cable and experience the versatility and superior sound quality of a game-changing wireless clip-on microphone system. Accessory only. No Microphones included. See MoveMic Two Receiver Kit for all-in one package.

    Shure engineers tapped decades of wireless knowhow to build the best audio experience possible. Using a custom acoustic design and proprietary wireless software, MoveMic takes cable-free recording to new levels of broadcast quality.

    Built for broadcast quality

    movemic two receiver kit

    For Camera, Computers, and Third-Party Mobile Apps

    Shure Product Benefits

    The MoveMic Receiver works as an additional accessory to boost the compatibility of your MoveMic One or MoveMic Two system. Simply connect it via the supplied USB-C or 3.5mm cable to your camera or computer, or to your mobile phone for additional compatibility to third party apps. It expands the range of your MoveMic products, giving you more options to capture superior audio to all your devices.

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