Rack Mount Receiver for GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless Systems

$349 $349

The GLXD4R is a rack mount receiver delivering exceptional digital audio clarity. In combination with the GLXD Advanced Frequency Manager GLXD4R provides seamless operation with advanced RF performance. GLXD proprietary Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries offer up to 16 hours of continuous use for the GLXD transmitters.

GLXD4R=-Z2: GLXD4R=-Z2 Frequency Band Version: 2404 - 2478 MHz (Z2), US power supply included

Product Details

Use GLX-D® Advanced rack mount wireless systems for improved RF performance and seamless frequency management. With detachable antennas and rack hardware included, GLXD4R receivers quickly integrate GLX-D Frequency Managers and remote antenna accessories for rock-solid multi-system installations.

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.

  • Rock-solid RF Performance from patented data communication
  • Integrated battery charge port for proprietary Shure lithium-ion transmitter batteries with two-color charge indicator LED
    • Green: Charged
    • Flashing Green: 90% charged
    • Red: Charging
  • Detachable antennas for remote mounting
  • Remote adjustable transmitter gain control
  • Hi-res LCD screen status display
  • Real-time battery run-time displayed in hours and minutes (accurate within +/- 15 minutes)
  • XLR and ¼” output connectors
  • Rugged metal chassis design
  • Includes rack mount hardware
  • 1 - PS43 Power Supply
  • 1 - 90AZ8100 Rack-mounting hardware kit
  • 2 - 95B13528 UA8-2.4 GHz 1/2 Wave Antenna
  • 2 - UA802-RSMA 0.6 m (2 ft.) Reverse SMA Cable
$349 $349



Reverse SMA Cable


1.8m Reverse SMA Cable


7.6m Reverse SMA Cable


15.2m Reverse SMA Cable


30.5m Reverse SMA Cable


Reverse SMA Passive Antenna Splitter


Paintable mounting bracket with BNC connector


GLX-D Frequency Manager


Passive Directional Antenna


GLXD4R Videos


Compatible Transmitters


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