SCM820 Control Software

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The SCM820 Control software configures the SCM820 Digital Automatic Mixer.  This new software replaces Adobe® Flash web server interface.

• Similar workflow to previous web-based GUI
• Windows® 10 compatible 

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Version 1.0.1 | View All Updates

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Release Notes

Version 1.0.1


  • Firmware must be on 1.4.3 to use the new SCM820 application.


  • Fixed an issue with the app freezing when connecting to SCM820 with some Windows machines.

Known Issues

  • Not all settings from the previous Flash UI are available with the new SCM820 application.
    • Refer to new SCM820 user guide online for new SCM820 application settings
    • Network settings cannot be adjusted in the new SCM820 application.
      • Use MXW Software application for Shure Control settings and Audinate Dante Controller for device and Dante settings
  • A message from Windows may pop up during installation stating the app may harm the computer. This is a Windows default message for new unknown apps. You may disregard and install. Here’s a link for more info:
  • Preconfigured devices with settings not available in the new SCM820 application will remain on the device until a factory reset is done. A factory reset will clear all settings back to defaults.
  • Opening the application using DNS name may fail. This may be a network or Windows 10 limitation. Use IP address as a workaround.
  • A lower spec PC may have a temporary processor hit when opening the application.
  • When uninstalling, Windows may ask to close the application if running. The application closing may fail. The application will uninstall but continue to run if left open. Close all instances of the application to complete uninstalling.


  • New SCM820 application in English only
  • The user guide online is in English only
  • To access multiple SCM820s, multiple instances of the application may be opened.

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