Tone Generator

Battery-powered 700 Hz tone generator that troubleshoots audio systems by checking microphone lines for correct patching and detecting unusual noise.




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Three essential tools for troubleshooting an audio system
September 17, 2017

Here are Shure's recommendations:1)     Set of quality headphones.  Also, a headphone amp is very useful.2)&nbs ...

A15 Problem Solvers - Functions of Each
August 29, 2017

All Shure A15 devices have XLR connectors.A15AS - Attenuator Switchable.  The A15AS reduces the signal level from a microphone by 15 dB, or 20 dB ...

Can I change the frequency of the A15TG?
March 19, 2015

It is not feasible to modify the frequency of the A15TG. The nature of circuit design in oscillators makes this process too complex.If you a ...

What battery / cell fits the A15TG?
August 13, 2013

Use any 1.5 volt button cell that will fit the battery space. Radio Shack, Battery Plus, and watch repair stores carry a variety of 1.5 cell ...