A15BT - Bridging Transformer


Bridging Transformer

Bridging transformer matches, bridges, or isolates balanced and unbalanced devices of different impedances and levels (Male XLR to female XLR).



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A15 Problem Solvers - Functions of Each
August 29, 2017

All Shure A15 devices have XLR connectors.A15AS - Attenuator Switchable.  The A15AS reduces the signal level from a microphone by 15 dB, or 20 dB ...

SCM810 output into an RCA jack/line level input
August 29, 2017

The Master Output of the SCM810 is a BALANCED LINE LEVEL output. (Unless you have had the output modified for microphone level?)If your mixer has not ...

Computer audio / earphone output to mic mixer input
October 27, 2008

The earphone/headphone output from a computer is low impedance, unbalanced, and has a typical signal level of 100 millivolts. It can be connected to a ...