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We’ve joined forces with AWAL and Gramrphone to host a series of 6 live-streams with 24 talented and unique artists from around the globe. In each #NextSound Session, four artists take the stage for a 15 minute set.

The first round of sessions are now complete, but you can press play below to listen to each session again.

Listen Again

NextSound Session 1 | Feat. Kelli-Leigh, Palmaria, Dijah SB and Oscar Scheller.

NextSound Session 2 | Feat. Godblesscomputers, Blithe, Sans Soucis and Boy Willows.

NextSound Session 3 | Feat. Amahla, maxime., Tatiana DeMaria and Diamond La Mafia.

NextSound Session 4 | Feat. Happi, Pynch, Greta Svabo Bech and Tebi Rex.

NextSound Session 5 | Feat. Fia Moon, Tim Chadwick, Emma Beko and Ruen Brothers.

NextSound Session 6 | Feat. Dhruv Visvanath, Marie Dahlstrom, Efé and POBO.

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