Field Recording

Field Recording

Field recording microphones that pick up everything you want and eliminate the clutter. Get clean audio every time.

There’s no situation our mics haven’t recorded with remarkable clarity.

The location sound you want is both cleaner and easier to set up with Shure. Our mics shine in every situation, cutting through clutter and getting the takes that make your production shine. Capture renowned quality audio anywhere, anytime.

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Craig Schertz from Showco introduced the VP88 to me around 1991, when he was passing through London for a show. Craig was using the stereo mic as a drum overhead, and it sounded incredible, with none of the phase aberrations that can sometimes occur with a conventional stereo mic pair set-up. On Tour
In the early 1990s, the VP88 was little known to most sound companies in the UK. Therefore, I asked Shure to provide a unit to take on tour, never realizing what an integral part of my working life it would become, or the places it …
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In the movie industry, "foley" refers to the art of capturing …
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