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Shure Stem Ecosystem Firmware 2.8 Available Now

Firmware Updates Include API for Third-Party Control, Improved Mute Sync Capabilities, Link-Local Functionality, and Improvements to RoomDesign and More
January, 23 2023 |
All New Updates to the Stem Ecosystem

CHICAGO, January 23, 2023—Since announcing substantial improvements to the acoustic performance and audio quality of the Shure Stem Ecosystem with firmware v2.5, Shure has released additional firmware updates to provide integrators and IT professionals with an enhanced customer experience that delivers more seamless installation with improved customization. 

Amid numerous updates, Stem’s new Link-Local functionality enables audio devices to work on an isolated network without a DHCP server, improving the installation experience. 

IT professionals and integrators now benefit from expanded customization features and can support teams and customers with API for third-party control, enabling the flexibility to remotely monitor room and device status with control over volume and mute functions. 

Notably, Stem now also features updated Mute Sync functionality with leading codecs, including Microsoft Teams, improving the customer meeting experience and collaboration capabilities.

“Our most recent firmware updates further enhance Stem’s acoustic performance and make the installation process even more seamless,” said Luis Guerra, Associate Director of Global Product Management for the Stem Ecosystem, at Shure. “We are pleased with how these updates have already improved our customers’ experiences with Stem.”

Firmware v2.8 includes two previous updates already made available: 

Firmware v2.6 


Firmware v2.6 adds Stem Speaker, updated device icons, and a new view to RoomDesign. The new view displays speaker coverage for all devices selected in RoomDesign. 

Additional updates include: 

  • Improved firmware upgrade through HTML on the Organization Settings window
  • Improved Network Device Discovery on large corporate networks
  • Fix for some devices experiencing an inability to factory reset

Firmware v2.7

Firmware v2.7 introduces Link-Local IP address functionality, enabling Stem audio devices to work on an isolated network without a DHCP server. 

Additionally, v2.7 adds volume and mute controls on the SIP Dialer screen. 

Firmware v2.8

Enabling API for third-party control with firmware v2.8 allows for control of volume and mute as well as remote monitoring of room status, device status, and the ability to query the system for room name, device serial number, and call status. 

Improved Mute Sync functionality with leading codecs, including Microsoft Teams, now enables a more seamless meeting experience.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Added support for time zone +5:30 for India and other countries
  • Improved Stem Speaker sound by re-tuning the crossover and better balancing the playback level of the woofer and tweeter
  • Fixed issue with the Heatmap toggle
  • Stem Control now hides the clock when internet is not connected
  • Stem Ceiling has been re-tuned to improve sound quality and address artifacts

With auto-updates enabled by default, all Stem devices connected to a network with internet access and on default settings will update automatically overnight. 

All Stem products are in stock, shipping now, and available globally. If you need additional assistance, contact the Customer Happiness team here

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