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Shure Joins Q-SYS Technology Partner Program to Ensure Enhanced Network Integration and Efficiency

Shure Microflex® Advance™ MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone Plugin is Now Q-SYS Certified
November, 29 2023 |

CHICAGO, November 29, 2023—Shure, a leading manufacturer of audio and conferencing solutions known for quality, performance, and durability, has joined the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program. This program enables software and hardware technology partners to create market-ready solutions that integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video, and control platform.

As part of the program, Shure has worked closely with Q-SYS, which has fully vetted and endorsed Shure’s MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone Plugin integration with a Q-SYS Certified badge (developed with Q-SYS and supported by Shure and Q-SYS). 

“Joining the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program is a phenomenal milestone that ensures AV integrators and IT professionals benefit from streamlined deployment and scalability, making it easier than ever to deliver outstanding performance in collaborative, modern conferencing environments,” said Jose Rivas, VP Global Sales at Shure. “Moreover, this certification enables easier integration for Q-SYS users to experience Shure high-quality audio standards with the MXA920”.

Thanks to this certification and participation in the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program, AV integrators and IT Professionals can now access and download the MXA920 Control Plugin through Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager within Q-SYS Designer Software. This compatibility ensures smooth integration with the Q-SYS Platform for easier installation and management, ideal for professionals who utilize Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager to install and monitor AV tools in corporate, higher education, and government spaces. 

The Shure MXA920 is also selectable within the Q-SYS Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) v3 plugin (version 3.1). Customers can use the MXA920 seamlessly as part of a Q-SYS camera control system without the need for an additional plugin. This update makes use of the MXA920’s Automatic Coverage Mode and Talker Position command strings to provide accurate data to the ACPR plugin.

“We are proud to have Shure join our program and work collaboratively with us on a plugin integration that will enable elevated experiences across our shared customers,” says Geno Zaharie, Principal, Alliances & Ecosystem, Q-SYS. 

Shure will continue to work closely with Q-SYS to support more audio solutions, assuring the highest standards in conferencing performance. For more information about Shure MXA920, please visit our webpage:

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