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Shure Announces 600 MHz Wireless Rebate Extension

April, 09 2018 |

LAS VEGAS, April 9, 2018—Shure Incorporated today announced its 600 MHz wireless rebate program has been extended through October 31, 2018. The rebate offers up to $500 per channel on the purchase of new Shure wireless microphones and personal monitor systems accompanied by the trade-in of wireless systems operating in the 600 MHz frequency band (614-698 MHz). Products from Shure and from other wireless manufacturers are eligible for the trade-in program.

The extended rebate is intended to help wireless users adapt to changing conditions resulting from the reallocation of portions of the 600 MHz band to mobile broadband services. According to FCC rules, wireless microphones and personal monitors that are capable of operating in the auctioned UHF spectrum (616-653 MHz and 663-698 MHz) may not be used after a transition period. If a local mobile broadband licensee begins using these frequencies before that date, the wireless user must change frequencies to avoid interference.

“At Shure, we continuously strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers,” said Todd Pretty, Product Marketing Manager at Shure. “Which is why we are providing more time for them to navigate the complexity of the changing spectrum conditions and transition their wireless inventory.”

Customers may submit rebate forms after the purchase of the following new Shure wireless products: BLX®, GLXD® and GLXD Advanced®, PGXD, PSM®300, PSM®900, PSM®1000, QLXD®, and ULXD®, and Axient® Digital.

To download a rebate form and view a complete summary of the terms and conditions of this rebate program, customers should visit the Shure website at For more information about spectrum changes, visit the Shure Incentive Auction Resource Center at