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Background Info

Congress has directed the FCC to reallocate some of the UHF TV Spectrum for use by broadband wireless devices, such as smart phones. Unlike the 700 MHz auction, the incentive auction offers broadcasters an opportunity to voluntarily give up spectrum in return for a share of the auction proceeds, hence the term “incentive auction”. This auction is sometimes referred to as the “600 MHz Auction” because the frequencies offered at auction start at 698 MHz (currently the top-end of the UHF TV band) and move down from there. After 4 stages, supply met demand with a reallocation of 84 MHz (614-698 MHz). TV stations electing to continue operations will be “re-packed” into channels below TV37. The UHF TV band is therefore getting smaller, and what remains will likely be more crowded. Info from the FCC can be found on their website.

Am I at Risk?

In April 2017, the FCC successfully auction 84 MHz of UHF spectrum. During the 39-month transition period that follows, the 600 MHz spectrum must be vacated of television stations and wireless microphones. If you own wireless microphone systems that operate in the auctioned spectrum (617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz), it will be your responsibility to cease operation in this spectrum. It is also possible that these new services will impact the performance of wireless microphones operating in this spectrum. Equipment owners are advised to confirm the operating frequency range of their systems and comply with the new rules of operation during and after the transition period.

What Can I Do About It?


The Shure 600 MHz Wireless Rebate for U.S. customers allows you to trade in your eligible system for a rebate with the purchase of a new system. This rebate offer is available for purchases made from April 17, 2017, until October 31, 2018.


The Shure 600 MHz Conversion Process facilitates operation in permitted bands. Watch the video below for more information.

Shure U.S. 600 MHz Conversion Tool Tutorial

Post-Conversion System Overviews

ULX-D QLX-D PSM® 1000 Axient

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