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Podcasters, Gamers, Vocalists, And Others Can Customize The Colors Of Their Shure MV7 Microphones

Shure’s First Hybrid XLR/USB Microphone Can Now Be Personalized to Fit Any Style
June, 07 2021 |

CHICAGO, June 7, 2021The recent launch of Shure’s first hybrid XLR/USB microphone – the MV7 – has been extremely popular for podcasters, gamers, and vocalists due to its professional-level audio and user-friendly setup.

The MV7 will now appeal to an even broader group with the ability to customize the appearance of the microphone via Colorware. Users can design their own MV7 with a variety of color combinations for three different areas of the microphone – the body, the yoke, and the ring. At, users can mock-up the colors to find the right combination before ordering. Color options include metallic and matte finishes.

Color customization is ideal for:

  • Sports podcasters who want their mics to reflect the teams they are covering
  • Gamers who stream and have a specific game or logo palette for their channel
  • Vocalists who are promoting a cause or have a specific promotion centered around color schemes
  • Podcasters who focus on entertainment (superhero colors), politics (red, white, and blue), or business (corporate colors)
  • Reporters covering stories for their organization who want the microphone to match the news outlet’s branding or their municipality’s colors

Inspired by the Company’s iconic SM7B Vocal Microphone—a legend in the recording, live-streaming, and podcasting industries—the MV7 delivers versatility and control, flexible connectivity options, and user-friendly settings in a sleek, compact design. 

“Customization is a growing trend for creators, many of whom want the look of their tools to reflect themselves or their brand and in turn feel unique,” said Paul Crognale, Senior Manager of Musician and Consumer Audio Marketing at Shure.

The Company still offers its standard black or silver color options on

A Virtual Audio Engineer In Every Box 

Shure’s Voice Isolation Technology elevates the user’s voice to help take podcasts or livestreams to the next level. No matter the environment, the microphone’s pick-up pattern focuses on the user’s voice, and by bringing it to the forefront of the recording, results in uninterrupted audio every time.

User’s voice and mic position are always fluctuating. Auto Level Mode sets gains perfectly in real time, so the output levels stay consistent. This enables creators to focus on the content, and not on their mic technique, resulting in less time editing post-recording, and more time creating. Auto Level Mode also acts as a virtual audio engineer and adjusts audio levels on the fly, giving audiences a more consistent listening experience.

The MV7 features rear rejection, expanded user flexibility, and no need for a signal boost, so today’s podcasters and creators can produce extraordinary content. The microphone’s intuitive design shortens setup time and features an integrated touch panel to further optimize control.

User-Friendly Customization and Pre-Set Modes

An integrated touch panel optimizes control for quick, convenient adjustments. With just a few taps, the touch panel control lets the user adjust the gain, headphone volume, monitor mix, and mute/unmute, with an option to lock customized settings. 

Complemented by the free Shure MOTIV App for desktop, the MV7 offers the flexibility to control audio functions with the convenience of various preset modes. Users can select their tone (Dark, Natural, or Bright), depending on if they desire a deep “radio“ voice, or a crisp and clean sound. These settings are available in Auto Level Mode and can be selected with one click in the MOTIV app. Similarly, users may select their mic distance from the MV7 (Near or Far), depending on how they are positioned. For podcasters who wish to get up close and personal with the microphone (within six inches), Near mode is ideal. When farther away (between 12 and 18 inches)—for live streamers who wish to have the microphone off camera—Far mode will perform best.

Elevated Compatibility 

Compatible with virtually any device or hardware, the MV7 is easy to integrate into an existing technology setup, whether creating content in a home-studio or recording on-the-go. The mic offers a professional XLR output for use with USB interfaces, mixers, and professional audio equipment—making it an ideal multi-person solution for podcasting, radio, gaming, voiceovers, and recording studios.