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Looking to grow your rental business? The Shure Conferencing Network is a great way to access the world’s leading conferencing systems. It is a free-of-charge partner-run network set up and supported by Shure – so you get all the benefits of partnership, without incurring big joining costs.

We set up the SCN to empower conference equipment vendors like you to win and retain new business. How? By enabling SCN partners to come together, share best practices, identify new business opportunities, receive hands-on training, and benefit from local technical support at customer venues when required.

Upskilling your team

We want your teams to feel confident and supported

That’s why the Shure Conferencing Network actively promotes knowledge sharing and best practices between its members.

Full training on every aspect of our conferencing systems

With on-site backup from Shure conferencing engineers if needed, full training ensures that your people on the ground delivering, installing and running critical systems do know how our technology meets your customers’ conference needs.

The result?

The technology and technical knowhow your customers expect to make every event a resounding success.

Equipment Your Customers trust

Everything you need

As a member of the SCN, you’ll have everything you need to engineer and deliver tailored conferencing solutions to meet your customers’ exact requirements.

Fully featured

From delegate microphone systems to wireless discussion systems for small off-site meetings. And from fully-featured meeting management and interpretation solutions for the largest scale, multi-language conferences, to audio encryption and multimedia congress terminals.

Any venue

It’s equipment your customers can depend on to deliver a flawless sound experience. At any venue.

What SCN offers you

Uninterrupted and secure dialog.

High-profile events demand uninterrupted and secure dialog. Your customers expect their conferences and meetings to run smoothly.

No technical glitches.

Crystal clear sound quality. And conference system technology that fully supports their event objectives. That’s what being a member of the Shure Conferencing Network equips you to provide.

But what about you?

Take a look at partner benefits detailed below to see how your business could benefit from being a member of the SCN.

Partners benefits

  • No annual fee.
    SCN membership is free of charge, subject to stock levels.
  • Realize a great ROI.
    Use the SCN to identify opportunities and secure the right amount of equipment for the short-term needs of large events.
  • Upgrade your inventory with latest Shure technology.
    Enjoy beneficial pricing and payment terms for purchase of Shure conference systems. Free access to full software and firmware upgrades.
  • Global strength.
    Being part of a global network enables you to give your customers the assurance that they’ll receive a consistent level of support and the same highly engineered technology wherever their event moves to.
  • Respond rapidly to customer demands.
    You can add new features as you need them. For example, you might be working on an event for which you suddenly discover delegates need voting capability. The software for this can be quickly added to the solution.
  • Access the global SCN inventory.
    You can rent gear to and from other members, enabling you to handle even the largest conferences and meeting events. Search the SCN member database and inventory list for dry-hire options.
  • Technical support for major events.
    Shure will assist you throughout the entire process: from bidding, to pre-event planning, and on-site execution.
  • Build a network; build your business.
    Establish relationships and share ideas, experiences, and best practice with other conference rental companies around the world. Where a conference supplied by an SCN rental partner in one region moves into your region, there is potential to work together to understand specific client requirements and adapt the solution depending on what did and didn’t work from one conference/region to the next.
  • Free software.
    You’ll be among the first to get access to new and evolving Shure conferencing technologies. Firmware upgrades brought out on a regular basis give you all the latest system features – free of charge.

Case Studies

We believe that the services and solutions delivered by our SCN Rental Partners go above and beyond anything you’ve experienced before. But don’t just take our word for it. Explore the client references from a selection of past events, conferences, and meetings delivered by members of the SCN. For additional references, please contact your local SCN Rental Partner.

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