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Shure Conferencing Network (SCN)

The SCN is a global network of independent rental providers who use our equipment to meet their clients’ audio requirements for conferences and high-end meetings around the world. The SCN empowers event organizers and rental companies alike to deliver extraordinary sound experiences for flawless event communications.

Why Become An SCN Member?

Extraordinary sound quality.

It’s essential for the success of conferences and business meetings all over the world. Delegates and other participants need to engage easily and hear presentations with absolute clarity. Speakers want confidence that the conferencing system is easy to use and won’t let them down mid presentation.

It sounds simple.

But, as you know, last minute changes happen all the time and conference rental equipment needs can be complex. Specialized features and capabilities, as well as multi-room locations, are often required to support meeting objectives.

Sound familiar?

Whether you are an event organizer or a conferencing equipment rental company, the Shure Conferencing Network unravels this complexity to deliver conferencing systems that outperform the highest expectations. 

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