Benefits Of An Audio Ecosystem For IT Managers

Stem Ecosystem | August 31, 2021 Benefits Of An Audio Ecosystem For IT Managers


As an IT professional, your responsibilities are ever changing. Your time and budget are valuable and finding a solution that can meet all of your needs can be a real challenge. The bottom line is you need a solution that you can install and manage all on your own.

That’s where we come in. The Stem Ecosystem gives you the freedom to seamlessly blend audio into any room for a fully customizable conference room solution. Our ecosystem is made up of three audio devices (TableWall, and Ceiling) that work in tandem with our support devices (Control and Hub). This way, you can mix and match to create a customized solution to meet the needs of every room in your organization.

Know exactly what you need before you buy


There is nothing worse than ordering an audio device that you thought would cover the room only to find out that it doesn’t cover your space! Stem RoomDesign is just one of the many features of our ecosystem platform that helps you eliminate the guesswork of choosing the right conference room audio devices. With RoomDesign, you can virtually recreate any room, drag and drop in our mix & matchable products, and even shows you the estimated audio coverage. Now, you know exactly what you need in your meeting room before you spend a single cent. If you want a full walkthrough on how to DIY RoomDesign then you can check it out here.




Install on your own


Anyone can install the Stem Ecosystem on their own in minutes and the best part is it won’t break your budget! To set up the ecosystem just place your products wherever you want in the room, connect them to your network with a single Ethernet cable, and assign them to a room on the Stem ecosystem platform and you’re all set! If you want to see for yourself, you can read the blog on setting up your first room in minutes here!


We play well with others


We know that you want something that works with the platforms you love. That’s why we created solutions that work with all your favorite video conferencing software. So, if you want to use ZoomTeamsGoogle Meet, or any other of your favorites, you can rest assured knowing they’re compatible with your new favorite conference room ecosystem. In addition to being compatible with your favorite platforms, we are compatible with Dante by Audinate and Stem Wall has camera mounting capabilities for an AVer Cam 340+, a Huddly IQ with other options soon to come.


No additional training


Because Stem integrates with the platforms you know and love and was designed with you in mind, you won’t even need to re-train your users on the Stem ecosystem because it’s that intuitive.


Easy to Manage


Whether you’re an IT manager that has a few conference rooms or you’re managing 200+ rooms in your organization, you don’t want to have to go to every single room in order to know if the audio for each room is working properly. That’s where the ecosystem platform comes in to play. Since our devices are networkable you can utilize the Stem ecosystem platform and get a snapshot of what’s happening across your entire organization at any given moment, all in one place making management easier than ever.


Perfect for Standardizing


Because our ecosystem allows you to mix and match devices, you don’t have to worry about trying to find different devices from different manufacturers that will hopefully integrate with each other. There’s literally a solution for every room in your organization because you can customize your coverage needs to meet each and every room no matter the shape, size, configuration, or even preference for device placement.


By having one go-to audio solution for all your conference room audio needs, you can manage your organization more effectively and rest easy knowing that conference room audio will never be an issue again.


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