[How To] Setup Your First Stem Room In Minutes

Stem Ecosystem | August 31, 2021 [How To] Setup Your First Stem Room In Minutes

Traditionally, industry standards for video conferencing hardware installs typically require hiring an integrator, a programmer, or a certified installer to get your system up and running. As the saying goes, “time is money” and these installs take a lot of time and will cost you a pretty penny.

If you haven’t already noticed, Stem is anything but traditional. We want to empower everybody with the freedom to create and install their customizable solutions for each and every room. So, whether you love Stem for the exciting new possibilities or the refreshing meeting experience it brings to the conference room, the ecosystem is undeniably effortless to install.

Now it’s time to take installation into your own hands with these three steps.


Step 1: Place Your Products


In any installation, the first step is just to bring the units into the room and place them wherever you want. The beauty of the ecosystem is that it allows you the flexibility to mix & match products so you can completely customize your conference room audio.

Step 2: Plug Em’ In


Plug each unit in and connect them to the network. All you have to do is use an Ethernet cable, which will provide both data and power. Just plug one end into the unit and the other end into the wall. After a few seconds, your unit will come online and you’re officially done with step 2!

Step 3: Give them a home


Once all of the units for that room are plugged in, all that’s left to do is to tell all of the devices in the room that they all belong to the same room. This lets the units know that they’re working together in unison as one customized audio solution for that room. So to do that you’ll need to access the Stem platform via Control or through your web browser.

Once you’re on Stem’s platform, select Ecosystem. After selecting ecosystem, select Rooms, and either Add New Room or assign products to an existing room if you’ve already created the room.

For a new room, selecting Add New Room allows you to give that room a name. Now it’s time to add the devices! To do so, just click Add Device and there will be a drop-down menu of all the Stem units that are connected to your network. Select the units in that room in (you can select a single device or multiple devices) and once you click the checkmark, all those devices will be assigned to that room and will work as one ecosystem.

So just to recap Step 3. Access the Stem platform and select the following: Ecosystem > Rooms > Add New Room > Name Your Room > Add Device > Select the Units for that Room


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  • Step 1: Place Your Products
  • Step 2: Plug Them In
  • Step 2: Plug Them In
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