Shure Network Systems Paired With Logitech Video Collaboration Solutions Deliver An Unparalleled Communication Experience For Meeting Rooms

June 24, 2020

CHICAGO, June 24, 2020 — Shure is collaborating with Logitech® to deliver exceptional user experiences through superior video collaboration solutions for meeting rooms of all sizes. 

The Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP) is a customer-focused program allowing customers to benefit from enhanced relationships with partners. Customers who purchase Shure’s Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array, Table Top Microphone, IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor and Microflex® Wireless microphone products, along with select Logitech Video Collaboration products, now receive a solution that is optimized for groups to collaborate anytime.

End users can now enjoy simple, scalable and consistent premium audio to create unforgettable collaborative experiences across teams.

“Shure and Logitech working together in the video conferencing space creates exceptional new opportunities for our joint end customers and business partners,” said Chris Merrick, Director of Global Systems Marketing at Shure. “This brings together the quality of Shure’s audio ecosystem with the strength of Logitech’s video to provide options for the best virtual conferencing experience.”

Benefits of the solution include:

  • Power of collaboration from two trusted brands
  • Same control/user interface regardless of meeting space (ranging from huddle/medium rooms to larger board rooms) combined with Shure premium audio
  • More rooms deployed more quickly, with consistent audio results from room to room, powered by Shure’s IntelliMix® technology.
  • The power of Steerable Coverage™ technology -- the ceiling array uses Shure's Steerable Coverage™ with Autofocus™ technology: eight highly directional pickup lobes capture participant audio from overhead, continually fine-tuning the position of each lobe in real time as participants lean back in their chairs or stand up
  • Cutting-edge industrial design -- attractive and discreet microphone design for every type of environment while ensuring superb acoustical coverage
  • Better visibility of mute activation
  • Secure audio that prevents eavesdropping with Shure Audio Encryption
  • Ability to see everyone in every seat at the table—perfectly framed—with Logitech RightSight™

Customers will be able to choose from solutions that are scalable from medium to training rooms provided by Shure’s and Logitech's global networks of Channel Partners. These solutions include the Logitech Rally Camera, and Logitech Tap base solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms paired with Shure’s Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array, Table Top Microphone, IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor and Microflex® Wireless microphone products. 

Both Shure and Logitech products in the solutions are certified by Zoom and Microsoft to provide easy set up and smooth operation.

“We see Shure as the pro AV solution for conference rooms, providing excellent off-the-table and tabletop options for audio,” said Sudeep Trivedi, head of alliances and go-to-market, Logitech Video Collaboration. “By closely collaborating, we are able to offer a better user experience to customers.”

The goal of the partnership is to deliver an exceptional user experience, especially as video conferencing improves communication and helps build stronger relationships. It is an efficient way to connect people across the world to enhance teamwork, innovation, and information-sharing. Shure’s focus is providing interoperable solutions that are easy to deploy and operate while delivering superior audio.

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